Dream of the glass hour figure and getting into that beautiful dress but need to lose a few inches. No time to diet and exercise. Magic slim is here to help you . It will instantly make u look slim by 5 cm or more once u wear it on .

Magic Slim is a body shaper which utilizes the latest in technological advancements to help users attain the figure they desire.

With Magic Slim achieving your desired results figure no longer a difficult and painful process. More and more people are choosing slimming undergarments as they enhance both their beauty as well as provides them comfort all day long.

•Help remove your weight with unique way of wearing it by pulling from below to top.
•Just pull it on & and the S shape appears immediately.
•With one gentle pull, the lumbar abdomen area reduces immediately by 5 cm, the pound flesh disappears fully, and the body figure becomes forcefully tall and straight.

Magic slim slimming body shaper 魔束衣 瘦身衣 Magic Global Singapore - YouTube

All suits comes in sizes from extra s to XXXL . All suits are made from Japan .
One suit consists of one top and panties .

Size Chart
S M L XL 1X 2X 3X
Bust 34 - 35.5 36 - 41.5 39 - 41.5 42 - 44.5 44 - 47.5 48 - 51.5 52 - 54
Waist 26.5 - 28 28.5 - 30.5 31 - 33 33.5 - 35.5 36 - 39 39.5 - 43 43.5 - 45.5
Hips 36 - 37.5 38 - 40.5 41 - 43 43.5 - 45.5 46 - 49.5 50 - 53.5 54 - 56
*based on body measurements in inches

Below are the testimonials from users of magic slim

Real People, Real Results, Read What our Customer Say About!

I lost 2 dress sizes after putting on my new Magic Slim body shaper. After losing my shape from giving birth in February 2009, I was amazed at the instant transformation. It made me feel better about my image and motivated me to get back in shape. While I am getting my shape back, I can put on my Magic Slim body shaper and get into clothes that I can't otherwise fit into yet. I love my Magic Slim body shaper. - Lisa Tay

Magic Slim body shapers has given me the confidence to look and feel better about myself, no matter what type of clothing I have on. After the birth of my 3rd child, it was hard to get back to my original size. I’m happy to say the Magic Slim body shaper gave me those results instantly! - Gunavathi

One of the biggest benefits that the Magic Slim body shaper gives me is new confidence in my wardrobe. I have always had a thicker waist line and was unable to wear certain clothes because I did not feel comfortable with the look of my waist and back. The Magic Slim body shaper led to an increase in the variety of clothing I can wear now. I love my Magic Slim body shaper garments! – Mary Patridge

After wearing the Magic Slim body shaper for approximately six weeks, I was told by my doctor that I had lost 3 kg., and 4 inches from my waist. Go for Magic Slim body shapers! - Pat ***

Thanks to Magic Slim body shapers, I am looking good and feeling great! With this new technology, my coke bottle shape has come back. Everyone wants to know what I did to lose all of the weight? Thanks to the Magic Slim body shaper I can wear anything and look flawless. – Costa Ng

Magic Slim body shaper on Nov 24, 2011. It is wonderful. It is soft and comfortable and best of all, it has reshaped my body. I have lost 8 kg to date. This garment causes me to feel full, therefore I eat less. This garment is like American Express for me, I never leave home without it. - Lina Chua

One suit cost 158 singapore dollars . please include 5 dollars register mail or meeeting at various mrt station .

Interested to buy one suit , please email me at [email protected]