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  • ransack my closet

    I have cleared out some stuffs which I like but will like to clear them because I simply have too many makeup items in my drawer. I just started posting up a few pictures in my blogs. Makeup items such as Shu Uemura glow on and Chanel shimmering tweed highlighter and the natural highlighter from the Tokyo collection ..
    ( more to come.. Hehe)

    In addition, I have some clothings which I have bought but cannot quite fit in nicely, yet wish that after a period of time I might be slim enough to get in them. Alas! That did not happen. Hence, I am letting go some of the things I have and hope someone will take a fancy to them. Brands include Mango, VS and Anthropologie..( more to come too!)
    Take note that my clothes will mainly fit ladies who are around size 10-14..

    Please visit my blog for more items update at
    If you are interested, do send me a email and let me know at
    [email protected]

    Many thanks
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    ransack my closet

    I have added two more items for sale
    1. Skinfood salmon concealer
    2. LancĂ´me eye shadow palette A10
    A short review of the products and pictures can be found in my blog
    Many thanks once again,
    Estelle ^_^