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Start Your Day the Healthy Way, Let's Shake Shake Shake~

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  • Start Your Day the Healthy Way, Let's Shake Shake Shake~

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    Does your normal meals give you all the Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and Calcium that your body demands?

    Do you get this even if you prepare your own meals?

    If you do prepare your own meals, is it 220 calories or less?

    Without sugar, carbohydrates, oil, fat and salt?

    In our today modern society, it is now a trend to see more people suffering from obesity, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. Instead of feeding ourselves with the right vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, amino acids, phytonutrients, & antioxidant, we are feeding ourselves with fast food, or local delicacies (especially found in food courts) like roti prata, Bak Ku Teh etc., which contain more in fats, sugar, salt, preservatives.

    To lose weight healthily, we should find out a weight loss diet plan that is suitable to us. As each of us are built differently, a generic plan might not work, but by buying the correct product and planning out a diet with health foods, from advice of a consultant, should help in losing weight.
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    Amount of fat in common dishes in Singapore

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      Cellular Nutrition

      Good nutrition begins at the cellular level. Not only must the nutrients be delivered, but they must get to the appropriate cells of the body. These principles are the basis for Cellular Nutrition.

      Our human body absorbed nutrients at the small intestines walls, via these hairs like protrusion called villi.

      Unfortunately, our villi can be damaged with stress, poor eating habits, & toxins like salt, preservatives, fats, antibiotics.

      The initial symptoms when our villi are damaged,
      • Tiredness,
      • Waking up feeling you are not fully rested,
      • Energy or concentration drop outs during the afternoon,
      • Coming home and just wanting to sit and do nothing,
      • Food allergies,
      • Not having energy or interest to do sports or other activities you used to do,
      • Low immune system (getting coughs and colds easily)
      • Other health issues being worse than normal

      Start with our program, because we help in:
      - Cleanse your villi

      Absorption - Absorb nutrients at the cellular level

      Regenerate - Your cells start to regenerate to healthy cells!
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        Start with a healthy breakfast and makes you a better days!


        More VITAMIN A than a mango

        More VITAMIN C than a banana

        More PROTEIN than a chicken thigh

        More FIBER than ½ cup broccoli

        More CALCIUM than 6 ounces yogurt

        More IRON than ½ cup beans

        Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
        + nonfat milk= 180 calories
        No cholesterol
        Almost no fat (1/2 teaspoon)

        Let’s start from today for a delicious start of a day : ) All you need is just in 1 shake~SLURP~

        *Free Personal Wellness Coach with any product purchase.

        For more product info, you can go to Herbalife - United States - Official Site or Starry Life
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          White Valentine's PROMOTIONS!

          1) Delivery by Post. Orders send 7 days a week. Hassle free!

          2) 30 Days Guarateed, collect product at studio.
          Terms & Conditions:
          -Self-collect on Mon-Fri, 2pm-6pm

          3) 30 Days Guarateed & Free S$20 Voucher.
          Terms & Conditions:
          -Self-collect on Thursday at 7pm.
          -Spend S$150 and above.
          -Voucher only can be used on the same day.

          4) 30 Days Guaranteed & Free 3 Energy Drinks (value $8.50)
          Terms & Conditions:
          -Self-Collect on Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm.


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            For more details please go to

            Starry Life


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              FREE 3 ENERGY drinks(VALUE $8.50)

              No.1 Aloe Vera Beverage
              ~ Supports internal cleansing and digestive health
              ~ Anti-inflammatory
              ~ Soothes the digestive system

              No.2 Formula 1 Shake: Healthy Breakfast
              ~ 180 calories
              ~ 2.5g fat
              ~ 18g protein
              ~ 0mg cholesterol

              No.3 Herbal Drink Mix
              ~ Natural Energy Boost
              ~ Fat Burner
              ~ Reduces Appetite
              ~ Natural Antioxidant
              ~ Natural Detoxification

              *Only for Option 4 in White Valentine's Promotion.
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                Terms & conditions

                1. All items are ORIGINAL as I’M an Authorized Singapore Independent Distributor.
                2. NO DISCOUNT. Retail price only, we are not allowed to sell at any discount.
                3. All fresh stocks from company. NO PAYMENT NO ORDER. Please proceed with payment once you post your order.
                4. Please transfer to POSB Savings Account 107-73624-7.
                5. No cancellation of item after payment is made.
                6. No exchange or refund of item is allowed.
                7. Please DO NOT participate if you are NOT comfortable with the terms & conditions/waiting/exchange period.
                8. We will not be responsible for any lost or missing mail via normal post. We strongly recommend you to opt for Registered Mail.


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                  Hi All,

                  I'm also having this shake and I lost 10kg in 2 months with great improvement to my health and energy level.

                  No discounts but I'm currently having a special promotion (at a affordable price with free products). Free personal coaching to ensure you achieve your results within 2 weeks.. Personal delivery to avoid lost during postage delivery. Contact me at 92982694 to know more in details.