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Spree: Victoria's Secret! (Free shipping for non-clearance items)

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  • Spree: Victoria's Secret! (Free shipping for non-clearance items)

    Victoria's Secret Non-Clearance Spree is back!!!!

    Using offer code: SPRING12 - US$75 off US$250 worth of non-clearance items.
    $75 discount will be used to offset shipping costs = FREE SHIPPING!

    I am planning to buy US$70+ worth of VS products but looking for other people to buy with me so we can hit the US$250 mark and get the free shipping benefit together.

    So Hurry! Offer ends on April 19!

    - Accepting Regular/Sale items
    - Clearance items (items ending with .99) not accepted

    - Accepting bulky items (shoes and bags) and bath & body products
    - No backordered items

    Spree Organizer Details

    Name: Michelle Wu

    Email: [email protected] <-- Send your orders to this email address.

    Spree Details

    Ordering From:

    Exchange Rate:
    US$1 = S$1.31

    Shipping Speed:
    4 to 6 weeks

    Payment Details

    1st Payment - Cost of Items

    2nd Payment - Local Postage + $0.50 Handling Fee

    Please make payment to: POSB Savings 209-47088-8
    Both DBS iBanking and ATM transfers are welcome!

    Order Format

    *Please copy and paste the format provided to your email*
    *Do not email me your orders until payment has been made! Post payment details together with your order in the format provided.*

    Bank Account: *in case of refunds*

    Item #1

    Item Name:
    Price in USD:
    Alternative Item Name: *In case item goes OOS. So please state an alternative.*
    URL for Alternative:

    Total Price in USD:
    Total Price in SGD: [Total in USD x 1.31] = SGD

    Payment Details

    Transaction Reference:


    *For multiple items, simply copy, paste, renumber the items and fills in the blanks.

    Email all orders to [email protected]!

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    Terms &amp; Conditions

    1. Please check your order thoroughly before posting. I will ensure that the correct items are ordered, but I will not be held liable for any errors on the part of the merchant or for the cost of returns.

    2. I will not be responsible for items lost/damaged during transit (from US to Singapore).

    3. I am not responsible for loss of normal mails or damage of items through normal mails.

    4. I reserve the right to cancel the spree due to poor response or other unforeseen circumstances. Full refunds will be made should this occur.

    5. Full refunds will be made for items that are out of stock and with no alternatives stated.

    6. Participants will have to bear the cost of exchange rate excess, whereby bank rate > spree rate, or where there are other miscellaneous charges such as tax or international calls.

    7. Updates will be done via email. Please add my email address ([email protected]) to your address book to ensure my messages are not filtered as spam.


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      eyeshadow cheap.

      Kleancolor 32 hues shimmery eyeshadow authentic direct import from usa. $18. Got to go.
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        Last call!!!

        Offer Code ending soon and Spree will close TOMORROW (18 April)!


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          Spree Ended!

          Thank you for your interest