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  • We want to sell you a vision


    We all know how most self advertising posts are painful, so bear with us. We don't want to oversell nor do we wish to overwhelm you with crap. We want to sell you a vision.

    A vision of a truly social environment to buy and sell anything.

    We thought about that, and went on to create a Social Commerce site which will be both appealing for fashion lovers and normal users. We called it Celeritos, an integration of Social and Commerce. We are proud of being different by building the service from the ground up.

    Do check it out, and offer feedback if you can. It is currently sparse now, but with your efforts, you can help populate it. You need paypal to sell, but there are no transactional fees levied on our part.


    If you have further enquiries, do feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will reply as swiftly as we can.

    Celeritos Team