Hello everyone,

I'm heading to paris for holiday soon. Should you want to buy any branded bags, eg Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, LV, Gucci, Long Champ, kindly contact me via my mobile 82885716. You will need to have your product code and a photograph of the handbag ready! I will be in Paris from 13/04 - 17/04. Thus, text me to discuss asap! We can then arrange for a meet-up anytime from 17/04 - 19/04. Payment will be made in cash upon receiving your items!

How much cheaper are the bags?
Chanel - 10-15%
LV - 10%
Prada - 10-15%
Miu Miu - 10-15%
Gucci - 10%
Long Champ - 15%

What you pay will be the retail prices there, there will be proof of receipt. And if you need to verify the authencity, we can arrange a meet-up at the respective brands' local boutiques. contact me now!