CAP: USD$200 - 250
Only items with everyday free shipping

Quick spree. Friend's item on backorder
Sharing vpost base charge with previous batch

Spreeculture fb link: o+/o/o-

Terms and condition:
- Please submit your order using the format below.
- Only paid orders will be taken in.
- I reserve the right to end the spree earlier or cancel the spree if the response is poor.
- I'm not held responsible if the merchant ships the wrong item of if the item is defective or if there is any missing item in the order.
- Updates will be done via mass email.
- I will not be responsible for any lost items mail through normal postage. Add $2.25 for registered mail.
- In the event that GST is incurred, it will be split according to the price of your items.

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Exchange rate

Payment mode
By IB only. DBS Savings Plus 120-1-001100
No interbank transfer.
Pls use your LJ Nick when transferring

Distribution of items
Normal/ Registered Mail

Shipping details
Drugstore -> Vpost -> Me
Shipping cost to be divided by the weight of the items.

Format of Order
LJ Nick/ Name:
Bank account: For refunds

Item Name:
Item Colour:
Price in USD:
Alternative if OOS:

Item Name:
Item Colour:
Price in USD:
Alternative if OOS:

Total Number of Items:
Total Price of Items in USD:
Total in SGD: (USD$ * 1.3) + S$0.50 handling fee =

IB Nick:
Transaction Reference:
Date/ Time: