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    Free Bazi Reading by Happyfate (免费流年运势) Email: [email protected]

    Email from Ms A: “Hi, I would like to try the free 1 year luck analysis for 2012. My date of birth is DD/MM/YY, time of birth XX am. Look forward to your reply. Thanks. Regards.”


    冻天找寻梅: 辛苦艰困时期,仍须进行工作。运势起伏中,仍不畏危险硬闯。
    =>2012 luck is average. Your situation is tough and will still need to continue your work. Despite the current average luck cycle, you are not afraid of difficulties and continue to charge forward. Maintain good health & saving habits and be more careful of traffic accident if you drive.

    Ms A: “Thanks very much. Oh dear I recently left my job and am looking for new one. My luck doesn't sound promising!”

    Happyfate: You are welcome. May i say your luck had been very good & smooth for the past years until recent year? Thanks.

    Ms A: “Agreed. Just one last question. You think I can find a good suitable job within 3 months?”

    Happyfate: Suitable job is subjective to individual. In Bazi, one general way to check suitable jobs or industries is to know which of the 5 elements are favourable to your bazi chart. You may get a job but as indicated in the year luck analysis, would suggest to be conservative & humble in your job.

    Ms A: Thanks again for the insight. I had very much wanted to stay in the past job but it was too stressful with too long hours (lack of sleep) and way too many xiao ren. If I had known, would have stayed on till year end. Now I can only wait patiently for a suitable job to come along :-)