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Wish U have that hourglass figure?Check out WINK Shapewear

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  • Wish U have that hourglass figure?Check out WINK Shapewear

    Dara Loft brings you the widely popular shapewear from the USA - WINK Shapewear.

    Click HERE: Dara Loft: WINK on TV to watch a clip of WINK on Good Day Sacramento.
    Featured in the video is our most popular product: The Ultimate Postpartum Bikini

    Fashioned to cater to new mummies who fight to get back in shape, this whole range of products has been so popular and effective, that even non mummies love them. Especially popular among the brides to be is the Ultimate Postpartum Bikini. It offers fabulous compression, to keep all the extra bulges in, so that the brides get the perfect curves on their big days. The cut of this shapewear allows you to wear it with a tube dress/gown. This piece is also versatile and comfy enough for daily wears. For the office staff who sits all day and bemoan the fate of an ugly love handle, this is a very good product to try.

    Included in the range of products are:
    1. Ultimate Postpartum Orignal Bikini $119
    2. Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini$119
    3. Ultimate Full Body Lift $199
    4. Ultimate Body 2X Blaster $199
    5. Ultimate Belly Blaster $179
    6. Ultimate Skinny Minny Blaster $199
    7. Tummy Tucker Tank $89
    8. Ultimate Tummy Tuck Blaster $179
    9. Ultimate Thigh Blaster $189
    10. Booty Shaper Shorts $129
    11. Booty Shaper Shorts Knee $129
    12. Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper $79
    13. Nurse & Blast Top $99
    14. C Section Panty - this acts as a girgle too.html $89
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    Some pictures of Before & After from customers
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      To Place an Order

      Start shopping here :Dara Loft

      Order & Payment:
      You may place an order by posting here or send us an email at [email protected]

      Please include the following details:
      Nick on forum:
      Delivery Add:
      Contact No:
      #1: Name of product

      Total no. of pieces order.

      Payment is to be made to DBS Savings Plus 002-0-075391
      Once payment has been made and verified, we will send you an order confirmation and receipt.

      As this is a pre-order BP, items are estimated to arrive in about 2-3 weeks after BP closes.

      Shipping and Delivery
      For local orders:
      Purchases above SGD250 will be entitled to free local registered post.
      Purchase above SGD350 will be entitled to free delivery.

      Unless otherwise stated, or requested, all packages will be sent via Singpost Registered Mail.
      Dara Loft will not be held responsible for any lost packages if customers choose to have normal local mail.

      Self collect option is available at the following venues :
      1) Raffles Place (mon & fri)
      2) Tanjong Pagar (mon & fri)
      3) City Hall (mon & fri)
      4) Orchard (Tues & thurs)
      5) Depot Heights (most days)
      6) Jurong West St 61 (weekdays evening, weekends upon appointment)

      Please note that appointments must be made prior to meet ups.

      Postage cost, registered mail (based on estmation):
      250g – SGD3.50
      500g – SGD4.00 (the average weight for 1 pcs of full body suit)
      1kg – SGD5.00

      Once we pack and send your package on its way to you, we will drop you a note so that you can watch out for the postman or delivery man!

      Exchange policy
      Dara Loft does not accept return of purchase.
      We do accept exchanges for sizes and in cases whereby we are out of stock for the item you want, we will allow for an exchange to a different design.
      However, customers will have to bear the full cost of shipping.
      If self collect is an available option for your location, there will be no charges for exchange.

      Current Promotion
      1. Get to enjoy 5% discount on your first purchase if you “LIKE” us on Facebook Dara Loft | Facebook
      (We’ll need your FB name to verify with your order)

      2. Enjoy 15% off on your next purchase if you send us your “Before” & “After” pictures, together with a review of the product you bought.
      We’ll only need torso pictures, without showing the face and your agreement to let us use your pictures on our site. We will not disclose your name nor any personal details.


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        More pictures to share
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          Our personal stories with WINK

          I’s testimonial
          Just like any other typical mummy, my first worry was how the hell am I going to get back to shape after giving birth to my baby? Being very kiasu, I bought my first 2 pairs of shapewear before I delivered my baby. I was utterly disappointed as they felt just like any pair of panties that’s too tight for my size and still with that lump of fats hanging around my waistline after I wore it. As a desperate mummy, looking like I was still 5 months pregnant, I bought a few more shapewear which claims to help lose weight with some caffeine compound in it. They were all as disappointing as the garment was either torn after a few wash or it was too tight that I couldn’t breathe in it. Losing faith in those shapewear, I decided to lose weight the natural way by breastfeeding and exercising. But then I stumbled upon WINK shapewear. I was initially attracted to the nursing top with compression as I thought it was a good combination. I can nurse and slim down at the same time. Even if the slimming part doesn’t work, I can still wear it as a nursing top. Then out of curiousity, I tried the other products and I fell in love with the tummy tucker top and post-partum bikini original straight away. The material is so comfortable and yet there’s a good amount of compression. I have never seen my abs that flat for a long long time! I especially love the tummy tucker top as it is so versatile that I can wear it alone or under sheer tops. You have to try it to believe it!

          J’s testimonial
          Years after having a baby, I am still plagued with the hateful muffin top. The abs is no longer tight and firm. No matter how many crunches I did, it still looked the same. It bothered me very much that I couldn’t look great in a form fitting dress (Herve dresses?), especially with the season trends on bodycon and bandeau dresses. I also love those dresses from Victoria Secrets, but honestly without an hour shaped body, there was no way I could look decently good in them. I tried some shapewear from the local stores and online, paying top dollars for popular and highly recommended brands, but I ended up with a compressed round body, and worse, huge discomfort, especially around the chest area, with wires digging into the flesh. I still bear scars from that horrible experience, below my armpits and back.
          Despite my unsuccessful attempts to get something which works for me, out of vanity, there was no way I would give up on the search for the perfect shape right? My BFF (I) introduced me to WINK. Doubtless, I was skeptical about the results but as a good girlfriend (& vanity of course), I tried the Ultra Postpartum Bikini-Original and was really amazed that first, it didn’t once slip down throughout the 5 hrs I had it on. Second, there was no roll of fats between the band and the bra. None! I put on my dress, and it just fell perfectly over the body. I am completely sold!
          I am going to place an order for the Belly Blaster for myself and a Gut Blaster (beer belly?) for my hb.
          Can’t wait to try them and I’ve also bought some new dresses!
          Start shopping here :Dara Loft
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            Here are some more pictures to share


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              A Review To Share:

              "The Belly Blaster looked so tiny I didn't think I was able to squeeze myself into it, and still feel comfortable. I was pretty sure I wld faint frm lack of oxygen.
              Well, the thing is thou it looks tiny, it was fairly easy to wear, with the hook & eye closure, and I like it that I can adjust the fit, so say after a heavy lunch, i can "loosen" it. The compression is very amazing. Feels like a post-natal wrap, my tummy was all tucked in nicely and I swear I walked a little straighter that day, due to the back support. Surprisingly, I managed to wear it for 12 hours and I only took it off cos I needed to take a shower, not because it was uncomfortable. I've tried some other brands, and I always couldn't wait to get home so I could pull it off. Thanks babe for letting me try the sample. I'll want to try the other products too"


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                One new review on the Booty Shaper Shorts from one of the mummies:

                "Couldn't decide on the bikini or the booty shaper as both seems to meet my needs. Finally decided to try the booty shaper cos I like to wear skinny jeans and lots of cut-offs. Received the item in great condition. Tried it first with my skinny jeans, and I must say i am impressed with the result. The material is smooth, hence make it easier to pull on my tight jeans. Tummy indeed look smaller compared to no booty shaper. I thought it can only help to shape the booty, but was unexpectedly surprise by how it helps to shape my thigh too. i definitly look better in my skinny jeans, with a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs. Now I am back to try the bikini"

                You can check out the product here: Dara Loft: Booty Shaper Shorts - Trim those hips for your sexy hot pants!


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