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    Joyce Shop spree have around 1100 items to choose from.
    All payments have to be in before the payment deadline, Thursday, 26th July, 10PM.
    Thank you and have a lovely day ahead!

    Joyce Shop website: Yahoo!奇摩拍賣

    Exchange Rate

    NT 1 = SGD 0.05

    Collection Mode

    By Self-Collection (By appointment)
    1. Boon Lay , Jurong East, Raffles MRT Station (Weekdays, between 6-7pm)

    By Postage
    Normal Mail - SGD 1.00 per item
    Registered Mail - Add SGD 3.00 on top of total normal postage per delivery (Highly recommended!)

    Shipping Fee

    Earrings, Necklaces, Scarf, Caps, Belts, Rings, Watches - SGD 2.00 per item
    Tops, Tubes, Bikini, Dresses, Skirt, Shorts, Leggings, Jeans, Jacket, Wallets, Bags - SGD 3.00 per item

    Format for Your Order

    Mobile Phone (Optional):
    Mailing Address:
    Collection Mode: Normal Mail/ Registered Mail/ Self-Collection [Choose either one]

    Item #1:
    Alt Colour: *Optional *
    Total amount: [Total price in NT x 0.05] + [Shipping Fees x Quantity] + [Postage x Quantity]

    Item #2:
    Alt Colour: *Optional *
    Total amount: [Total price in NT x 0.05] + [Shipping Fees x Quantity] + [Postage x Quantity]

    Grand Total Amount: [Item #1] + [Item #2] + [Registered Cost, if applicable]


    1st Payment = Your ordered amount in NT x 0.05

    2nd Payment = Shipping + Postage Charge

    Please only make payment to POSB Saving Bank account '248-00788-5'

    Terms and Conditions

    1. No payment = No order.
    2. No cancellation, exchange or refund of item after order is made with the overseas merchant. Full refund will be made if Spree is unsuccessful or item is Out of Stock (OOS).
    3. Please be prepared to wait a few weeks for the items to arrive. Estimate about 2-8 weeks after Spree is closed due to re-stocking and pre-order items.
    4. Please allow 2-3cm discrepancies for the measurements stated due to different production batches/ways of measurement.
    5. Colour of the item may vary from the picture due to the resolution of your monitor.
    6. I shall not be liable for any loss / wrong / defect items sent by the overseas merchant.
    7. I shall not be liable for any loss or damage of items via local normal mail. Therefore, Registered Mail (additional SGD 3.00) is highly recommended.
    8. Goods are not refundable or exchangeable.
    9. I reserve the right to cancel the spree in the event that response is poor, and full refund will then be made as soon as possible.

    Please join only if you are comfortable with the above Terms and Conditions. Thank you

    On Going Promotions:
    Free Normal Mail with minimum purchase of SGD 50* per spree order.
    Free Registered Mail with minimum purchase of SGD 70* per spree order.

    * Total amount consist of only item price + shipping fee.

    - -

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