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WTB JC/Sec uniforms / PE attire / CCA attire /FBT shorts ETC

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  • WTB JC/Sec uniforms / PE attire / CCA attire /FBT shorts ETC


    I am collecting any school related attires such as uniforms, pe attires, CCA attires, FBT shorts, or anything else school related (class t shirts/house t shirts) for both male and females.

    We are currently seeking these uniforms and attires for design experimental purposes, and therefore do not require brand new pieces.

    If you have old uniforms or attires sitting in your wardrobe or just taking up space at home, you can convert them to cash now!

    Simply drop me an email at [email protected] stating the items you wish to sell, and we will send a delivery girl/guy to come pick up the items right from your doorstep within 48 hours with cash upfront!

    Hurry up and email me now! we are only taking 1-3 pieces per design!

    [email protected]

    Secondary school items:$5-$15
    Junior College Items:$5-$25