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Holika Holika -Cheap makeup from korea (Better than gmarket)

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  • Holika Holika -Cheap makeup from korea (Better than gmarket)

    Getting things from these brands, but items will be bought physically (from the shops) using tracquire service (it's like a peer-to-peer courier service). The courier will be back by 21st August and I can send the items out by then.

    Holika Holika
    \Clio & Peripera!
    Etude House

    CAP: by 16 august

    Read this on how to shop.

    Merchant>Tracquire Service>You.
    Shipping cost from korea-> singapore
    $1 for small items (lipsticks, gloss)
    $1.5 medium items (cheek, pacts)
    $2 for large items (bb creams, pacts, primer, highlighters)

    Absolutely no meet ups.
    Post through registered posts or normal mail.

    Exchange Rate
    Korean won 1000 = SGD$1.150.
    1st payment: Total in WON x SGD$0.001150 + $2
    2nd payment: additional shipping cost + local postage + $0.50 misc fee

    My account no.: DBS Savings Plus 1005007172

    Name/LJ Nick:
    Bank account number/type: Please omit dashes for the bank numbers, else I won't refund.

    Item #1:

    English Name:
    Korean Name:

    Product Image URL:
    Color: in korean (in English)

    Price: (full price) Won
    Price: SGD

    Product Number (if any)


    Alternative (if product is not available):

    Total number of items: #
    Total in WON: WON
    Total initial payment: WON x SGD$0.001150 + $2/item

    You can email me [email protected] if you have any questions or email me your orders.
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    For other branded bags, you can always visit Tracquire Alpha!

    How tracquire works ------> How to Shop / Order? [LINK]