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WTS: Ceutical Ampoules

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  • WTS: Ceutical Ampoules

    Selling Ceutical ampoules @ S$16/box (each box contain 10 vials)
    **Mix and Match allow (Min.10 vials)

    Ceutical Hydrating Ampoule
    To hydrate & soothe skin. Contains trace elements and minerals to combat dry, dehydrated & dull skin. Suitable for dry , dull and open pores skin as well. Use regularly for glowing & flawless skin

    Ceutical Open Pores Ampoule
    Ceutical Open Pores Ampoule aka Mandarin Ampoule is a perfect open pores remedy for home use. Use it on oily skin and open pores skin to reduce oil secretion and to tighten and close up pores.

    Ceutical Vitamin C Ampoule
    Contains purifying and antioxidant properties. Helps to detoxify skin, reduce open pores dilation. Slows down anti aging process & gives a glow to skin

    Ceutical Whitening Ampoule
    Helps in reducing dark spot due to sun exposure. Has whitening properties to suppress melanin formation.

    Ceutical Purifying Ampoule
    For pimple skin. Has antiseptic properties to kill germs & bacteria. Ensure flawless skin. To reduce pimple & has antiseptic properties on skin, thereby killing germs/bacteria that causes pimples

    Ceutical Neutralizing Ampoule
    Normalizes skin, contains collagen and elastin for renewal of scar, suitable for makeup, gives skin a glow and healthy cells, ensures skin stays hydrated. Smoothens out wrinkles

    Ceutical Blackhead Ampoule
    This ampoule will help reduce the oxidation of whitehead from open pores.

    Ceutical Normalizing Ampoule
    This ampoule will stabilise the dermis layer of our skin & regulate the sebaceous hyper secretion of your skin. It will stabilize the pH of your skin & helps in reducing open pores

    Ceutical Fairness Ampoule
    Produces a fairer skin tone and helps in reducing skin pigmentation. Your skin will feel moisturized and radiant due to increased skin elasticity

    Ceutical Scar Ampoule
    An advanced formula that visibly fades and prevents the formation of dark spots and skin discolorations for an even, natural skin tone.

    Ceutical Collagen Ampoule
    Lifts and Brightens - Holds the Make-Up ALL DAY This natural face ampoule not only lifts and brightens the face.It is also a thorough treatment which hydrates, firms and regenerates

    Please PM me if you are interested.
    Thanks for viewing.

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    Upz for the day...


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      Now selling at S$12.50/box (Promotion ending on 31st August)


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