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    Celebrating shoppersINSANE's 444 page likes, we will be holding a giveaway!!

    5-10 lucky winners will walk away with prizes that includes:
    - 2 STGAMES vouchers
    - 5 $10 thecolorIS vouchers
    - 3 Chewy Junior vouchers
    - 2 Lovers Small Cup
    - 1 Assistance Cute White Man Chopstick
    - Apparels (dresses, tops & bottoms)
    - Accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelet)
    - Bags

    √ HOW TO WIN :
    1) Like our page @ShoppersINSANE ( )
    2) Like our sponsor's page @thecolorIS ( )
    3) Like and share this picture and comment "Spread the love with ShoppersINSANE ! ♥"

    By completing the above 3 steps, you will gain 1 entry when we draw your name.

    1) By liking and sharing each / one other photo or album on our page, you will gain 1 more entry.
    Like and share 2 and you will get 2 more entries, etc (:
    More entries will be gained when you like and share more photos and/or albums! ^^
    Remember to comment "Spread the love with ShoppersINSANE ! ♥" on each photo or album you had liked and shared to catch our attention (:
    2) Follow us on twitter @shoppersinsane ( ) to gain 1 more entry! Remember to comment on this picture with your twitter account ! :D

    √ How are we choosing the winners?
    We will be using a auto-generator to generate the names of the winners. By having 1 entry, you will have 1 name in the auto-generator. If you have 2 entries, you will have your name written 2 times in the auto-generator. Therefore, the person who have the most entries (who liked and shared most of our photos) will have a higher chance of winning, having more of their names written in the auto-generator.

    Note: Please set your privacy setting to "public" so that we can see that you had shared the pictures / albums. If we cannot see it, then it might not be counted. ):
    If you can only set your privacy setting max to "friends of friends" (happens if your facebook account is less than 18 or 21 years old), please add one of the owners account as friend so that we can see it ! ^^

    GIVEAWAY ENDS ON 30TH SEPTEMBER ( one of our owner's birthday ) ! STAY TUNE ♥

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    Bumps! Freebies for grabs! :d