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Wts RARE history of whoo Chung yeo line

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  • Wts RARE history of whoo Chung yeo line

    Selling history of whoo RARE Chung yeo set

    Product information : 

    The products in The History of Whoo’s Soo line help to keep your skin hydrated and protected. The word Soo means water, and the products in this line concentrate on moisture retention and work to replenish skin clarity, protecting against skin dryness. As the formulas are based on oriental medicine, these products provide a fundamental solution to dry and tired skin and ultimately protect the skin from harm. The Soo line is built around the yin-yang theory of the East (the principle of restoring yin-yang balance, replenishing materials that are lacking and controlling excessive materials), reducing redness on the skin while purifying and brightening the overall complexion. The highly defined non-sticky formula allows the products to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, works to solve skin problems, and adds radiance to the face.

    Suitable for: Sensitive and acne-prone skin
    Benefits: Skin hydration, soothes feverish skin, and maximizes skin affinity and absorption ability

    Major ingredients: Wild ginseng, lotus, white pine

    Brand Stories

    My sister bought for me as this line is famous for sensitive and acne skin. You can view a lot of review by just googling

    However, as I am impatient, I decided to go see dermatologist instead. Currently I am using the products given from my derms..

    So I would like to sell these samples at very low price and help others who are in need for this high end products.

    What I have
    Balancer 21 x 6ml=126ml
    Lotion 21 x 6ml=126 ml
    Essence 3x10ml=30ml

    Original price
    Essence 137usd for 60ml

    My price
    7bottles @ 15$
    21bottles @38$
    7bottles @15$
    21bottles @38$
    1bottle 12$
    3bottles 30$

    Take All  95$. The original price was 150 usd
    Do take note that the samples are all in bottles, not the sachet 
    So it is very worth it, even 1 balancer cost more than the whole set..
    I can do meet up around town if you buying all as shipping will be very expensive, it is heavy 
    Email [email protected]

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