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  • Popular famous korea odbo skincare products

    Today, The Odbo, is a Korean skincare cosmetic brand in popular demand. It is created to match its competitors like SK II, Loreal, Shiseido, Kose, Clarins. This is not just a rave version of SK II but a close substitute that gives the desire beauty with affordable prices.

    The odbo products are created by one of the well known global company called the face shop. The odbo features a wide range of skin care products ranging from moisturizing creams and whitening lotions to anti-wrinkles and darkspot removals. It is generally suitable for all skin types and age. The face shop is a notorious company based in South Korea for cosmetics and is very popular among women in the Asia region. The company is best known for its skin care products which are 100% made from natural ingredients and this is what makes it stand out against the rest. The concept of this unique skin care from natural ingredients truly made their products ever so sought after. Some of the more popular odbo products created for skin care are: odbo bb cream and aqua soothing silky essence.


    A) Protection BB Cream S$45.00
    This BB cream is moist and its soft touch smoothens the skin for a natural and even skin tone, resulting in clear and radiant skin. It also forms a protective layer on our sensitive skin to block harmful environmental factors. The vegetable-based Squalane helps keep the skin soft, and the highly moisturizing Hyaluronic acid maintains the moisture of the skin and keep it lively all day long. The soft Silicone gel in the BB cream enhance the skin to be smooth and firm and efficiently controls sebum for brilliant and oil-free skin.

    B) Sleeping Pack S$45.00
    Locks moisture and nutrients onto the skin, preventing it from being dehydrated during a night's rest. Massage onto tired or loose skin to promoted growth of balanced skin, while strengthening skin barrier and skin texture. The sleeping pack also promotes peripheral circulation and accelerates cutaneous cellular exchange. Skin will be deeply moisturized and awake to lustrous and relaxed skin that looks brighter.

    An amazingly lightweight and hydrating moisturizer in cream form that is non-oily and non-greasy. Apply it in the morning to keep your skin hydrated all day long, and applying it before you sleep will keep your skin radiant and well-hydrated. It is also great at preventing your skin against aging while preserving the skin’s elasticity.

    This is a great skin moisturizer that hydrates your skin (especially for sensitive skins). Your skin will feel very soft and moisturized after each use. It is in gel form when applied to skin and it will change into liquid form where your skin will absorb the moisture. It is non oily moisturizer that ensures that your skin stays hydrated all day long. Use it twice a day (morning and night) for deep hydration and protection against skin aging and maintain skin elasticity

    Suitable for oily to combination skin type.

    A powerful UV sunblock (SPF50+, PA+++) that comes in the form of a compact powder with mirror. Application is easy with a puff provided and it effectively protects the skin from UV rays for several hours. It is portable and easy to bring around, simply drop it into your make up pouch!

    This sunblock is a selective absorption powder that is highly purified white powder that protects the skin from harmful environmental factors and keeps the skin smooth and healthy. Formulated by low melting point system, the product melts at body temperature to give silky and soft touch to the skin, leaving an even tone on the face as it blends in perfectly with your skin tone.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    E) Phyto Aqua Toner - S$45.00
    This toner is made with natural Phyto oil which contains a high level of moisture, only made possible with the latest technology.
    The Olive and Grapefruit extract allows the toner to be quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving your skin moisturized and ready to absorb the rest of your skincare routine. Phyto Aqua Toner is also suitable for wrinkle care as it will keep your skin well hydrated and improves dull skin.

    Use during the day and night. For all skin types

    F) O2 Bubble Cleanser - S$44.00
    An essential piece in your skincare routine as it deep-cleanses your skin as you might find your pores clogged from the daily air pollution it comes into contact with. The bubble cleanser also fights dull and uneven skin tone as it infuses oxygen into your skin as it fizzes as you apply it onto your face. Long gone will be the worry of dehydrated skin even if you find yourself working long hours in air-conditioned spaces.

    Leaves your skin amazingly fresh and clean.

    G) Peeling Gel - S$45.00
    Thanks to the highly moisturizing effects of backrouncho (peuntiaficus-indica) extract, old keratinocyte on the skin surface is removed and makes the skin soft and brighter. While massaging the Peeling Gel on the face, the natural ingredient, Willow extracts and Cellulose powder, dissolves the keratinocyte, allowing a soft elimination of residues inside the pores and reveal of new skin.

    With Gingko Biloba extracts, the dull and tired skin recovers its natural tone and vitality. Skin irritation is minimized while providing a high moisture level to the skin, thanks to Licolice Root extracts.

    H) Phyto Aqua Emulsion - S$45.00
    A moisturizer that is rich in hydrating components. It is made with natural Phyto oil which contains a high level of moisture, only made possible with the latest technology.With grapefruit extracts, this moisturizer is well suited for fight aging skin from dullness and wrinkles.

    Suitable for dry skin to combination skin types

    I) Vitamin C Essential Brightening Mask - S$2.20 per piece
    Vitamin C is a great solution in skin care. Vitamin C is an excellent water soluble antioxidant that destroys free radicals preventing pre-mature aging as well as having other important roles in various bodily functions such as the formation of bones, assists in the formation of collagen and repairing scar tissues among others. As such, Vitamin C is a very important ingredient to skin's benefits. It’s a mask that specially formulated for skin brightening & soothing.

    J) Ginseng Mask - S$4.00 per piece
    JThis strengthening mask pack contains Ginseng, Collagen and Coenzyme Q10 which helps to firm up and improves the elasticity of the skin texture. With Ginseng being a famous product in Korea, this mask is full of Ginseng essence to improve dull and loose skin.

    Suitable for all skin types

    K) Collagen Hydra-Mask - S$3.20 per piece
    Collagen Hydra-Mask is the most popular mask among Ginseng and Vitamin C!
    The mask contains high concentrations of Collagen which deeply penetrates to keep loose and saggy skin firm and richly nourishing beauty essence to shine and revitalize the skin. A single application leaves the skin moisturized and crystal-clear.

    This pre-cut sheet contains active beauty ingredients as well as Collagen which is the most important protein in human body to soften dead skin cells and to protect the skin from various pollution factors, firming the skin. The essence mask sheet is easy to use and revitalizes to keep the skin looking healthier and attractive.

    L) Wrinkletox Serum - S$115.00 FOR A BOX OF 4 BOTTLES
    Apply the Silicone Elastomer onto the skin to fill up the fine lines on the skin around the eyes and mouth and to conceal imperfections for sleek and elastic skin. Wrinkletox also absorbs sebum and keeps the skin grease-free and refreshed. Compatible with foundation and other types of makeup. Its anti-aging ingredients, Vitamin A, Adenosine and EGF help reduce wrinkles and leave the skin looking more youthful.

    Achieve smooth make up results and helps fade away blotchy uneven skin tones, resulting in sleek complexion.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    M) Aqua Collagen Eye Cream - S$53.00
    This eye cream comes with a nourishing texture which deeply penetrates into the skin around the eyes to form a moisturizing and protective layer. Provides abundant oil and water to keep the skin hydrated for several hours. Hydrolyzed collagen and CoQsome ensures that the skin is firm and supple. Sodium hyaluronate, Betaine, and Advanced Moisture Complex adjust the skin’s oil and water ratio, leaving moist and soft skin.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    This is an intensive skin immersion system for all skin types. It contains EGCG which boost the overall skin by stimulating cell renewal. It also prevents and corrects all signs of aging, uneven pigmentation, replenishing optimum resilience and overall skin balance. A box consists of 4 x 10ml bottles.


    For this special SPREE PROMOTION
    Purchases above S$120.00, 2 FREE MASKS WILL BE GIVEN
    Purchases above S$200.00, 3 FREE MASKS WILL BE GIVEN

    By Post: Add additional $3.20 for Registered Post plus normal postage
    By Meetup: Clementi / Tanjong Pagar / Raffles Place / City Hall MRT Station, other places to be pre-arranged
    By Courier: S$5.00

    Payment Mode: Internet Banking; POSB Savings 066-11907-6

    Est Arrival of Stocks: Mid Oct

    Due to space restraints, I can send you the picture via email if you wish to see how it looks like

    Please email to [email protected] for your orders and feel free for any queries.

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