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LolliBox is here! Crafts & activities sent to ur doorstep!!

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  • LolliBox is here! Crafts & activities sent to ur doorstep!!

    LolliBox is here!

    LolliBox was born out of the passion for hands-on fun that develops creativity and expression in every child. As parents, we understand the need to spend quality time interacting with our children and doing activities with them that stimulate their brain development and enrich their minds. The problem is that it’s tough to find time to do all the research to come up with engaging hands-on activities, let alone go to all the different stores to get all the different materials. All the materials and content included in a box with a theme, delivered right to your doorstep, at your convenience.
    We take your kids through a holistic experience that incorporates the major ways in which kids learn and engage:

    4 Major Components are included:

    A hands-on project to develop kids’ creativity and expression, with all the materials included!

    A theme-based project to enrich kids’ minds, with all the materials necessary to involve kids’ observation, experiment and active play!

    Carefully selected activities and exercises to further educate and stimulate your kids’ imaginations!

    We understand the importance of rewarding kids to boost their self-confidence and sense of achievement. A badge is provided for you to award your child upon completion of all the activities!

    Why Parents and Kids Love LolliBox!
    • Save TIME:
      No more running around to craft and super stores to gather all the materials. Get exactly what you need in each box without the errands!
    • Save MINDSPACE:
      Activities, educational content and resources are carefully selected to truly enrich your kids! We do all the research and validation, so you can focus on spending quality time with your children. Finally, something NOT on your to-do list!
    • Create Priceless BONDING:
      With clear instructions and additional questions for you to engage your children, doing the activities creates a cherished bonding session between parents and kids. Start creating unique memories with your children!

    Recommended Age Range:
    LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3-7 years old. A number of parents have enquired and feedback that they wish to start off their kids early as young as 2 years old and we would recommend more parental guidance as you guide your little one along in doing the activities!

    Available Themes

    1. Grow Plant Grow Theme
    As your kids watch their plant grow, you’ll watch your kids grow too!

    My Little Flower Pot
    Create your own flower pot, using various craft materials, flower template and fun clay. Stimulate creativity and develop art and fine motor skills.

    I Am A Little Gardener!
    Hands-on activity involving actual seeds and plants. Kids discover and observe how plants grow and note their observations in their very own observation journal.

    More Plant Activities!
    Carefully selected activities for further enrichment and development, such as leaf rubbing fun, seed identification, and literacy activities.

    Grow Plant Grow Badge
    Upon completion of all the activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and sense of achievement by awarding him/her with our “Grow Plant Grow” badge!

    2. Amazing Animals Theme
    Activities and projects inspired by these wonderful creatures:

    We’re Building A Zoo!
    Design and make your own zoo. Explore and model with fun clay.

    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!
    Explore and understand the concepts of animal camouflage using flashcards, colored craft sticks, and engaging questions.

    More Monkey Business!
    Additional activities to that further stimulate your child’s curiosity of animals with fun and exciting games and activities.

    Color your own zoo photo frame – doubles as a fridge magnet.

    3. Colours and Shapes Theme
    Can you imagine a world without colours? That would be so boring! Fortunately, our world is full of colours that bring excitement and add variety to our lives.
    This LolliBox, we engage your kids with fun and educational materials and content that will stimulate their brains as they indulge themselves in the world of colours and shapes!

    My Stained Glass
    Have your child create his/her very own stained glass craft! Through cutting, pasting and crafting fun, this develops your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

    My Colour Factory
    Your child will learn and create his/her own colours in a guided colour mixing activity, and also discover more about colours and shapes with self-painted spinning tops.

    More Colours, More Shapes!
    Have a blast with carefully selected activities integrating fun with educational content, such as making a shape collage, scavenger hunt, and a science experiment!

    Colours & Shapes
    Upon completion of all the activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Colours & Shapes” badge!

    4. Little Pirate Theme
    Ahoy, matey! Welcome aboard!
    When you hear the word pirate, what image immediately springs to mind? Do you envision a peg-legged drunkard dressed in blousy attire, wearing a huge gold earring and sporting a parrot on his shoulder?
    Fear not. Our modern day little pirates are a little cuter!

    I'm A Little Pirate
    Everything your child needs to be a pirate! We have your child play little pirate dress-up, with their self-created pirate hat and eye-patch! This craft and role-playing activity develops emotion, cognition and sensory motor skills.

    Hidden Treasure Fun
    Our little pirate take real action as they search for hidden treasures with a map! They will also colour and decorate their own treasure chest used to store the treasure! Your child will learn how to read simple maps and practice navigational skills.

    More Pirate Loots!
    Have fun with these carefully selected activities to develop kids' gross and fine motor skills, and their literacy. Kids learn to make their own pirate hook and further engage in active and fun play. Talk about being a cute and intelligent little pirate!

    Little Pirate
    Upon completion of all the activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Little Pirate” badge!
    Aye, aye, Captain! Open up a treasure chest of fun and engaging educational activities! Order yours now!
    Note: Limited quantity available. Get yours before it runs out!

    5. Stompy Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs ruled the Earth millions of years ago, but despite their extinction, our fascination about dinosaurs is as strong as ever.

    This LolliBox, we turn back time and bring your kid back into the Jurassic period, where dinosaurs rule!

    Create – My Dinosaur Diorama
    Develop your kid’s fine motor skills and nurture your child's visual-spatial intelligence through the process of creating his/her own dinosaur diorama, where they learn about the habitat which dinosaurs lived in!

    Discover – My Dinosaur Fossil + Stomping Fun!
    Your child will have fun creating his/her own dinosaur fossils and understand how fossils are formed and discovered, with imaginative play as a little palaeontologist. They also get to create their own dinosaur feet and stomp around!

    Enrich – More Jurassic Activities!
    Carefully selected activities that further stimulate your child’s creativity and understanding of dinosaurs! Kids learn to make their own dino skeleton, have fun with dino board game, and engage in a creative dino imagination activity!

    Award – Stompy Dinosaurs Badge
    Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Stompy Dinosaurs” badge!

    Dinosaurs may be extinct, but our dino fascination will never be! Time to let your kid’s creativity run wild!

    1. How does my LolliBox subscription work?
    You can sign up for a 3 month or 6 month LolliBox subscription.
    1) Sign up for a 3/6 month subscription.
    2) A LolliBox with a different theme monthly, filled with materials and inspiration will arrive on your doorstep each month; get excited to create, discover, enrich and learn together!
    3) Open up your LolliBox and get excited to create, discover, enrich and learn together!
    4) Kids anxiously wait at the door until your next LolliBox arrives!

    2. What age range is the LolliBox appropriate for?
    Our suggested age range is for 3 – 7 year olds. Nevertheless, we do have order from parents who start off their kids early as young as 2 years old and we would recommend parental guidance as you guide your little one along in doing the activities. Our activities are also suitable for kids older than 7 years old, who are passionate about craft activities and wants to have pre-packaged crafts and all materials for them to express their creativity.

    3. Do I get to keep all of the contents received in the LolliBox or is there anything that needs to be sent back?
    We want you to create and share memories and experiences you can cherish so you get to keep ALL of the contents and components!

    4. Can I return any products?
    LolliBox shipments are not returnable. However, if any boxes or materials included in your box shipments are damaged or defective, email us and we will be happy to replace those items for you in a flash!

    CozyCot Price: $23.90 per box only!

    Exclusively for CozyCot parents only!!

    1 box $23.90

    3 months subscription $64.50 (10% discount off usual price!)

    6 months subscription $143.40 (additional 1 mth free!)

    All prices are inclusive of delivery.
    ** First time subscribers of 3/6 months will receive a free welcome gift which includes a pair of 3M Scotch scissors and a bottle of glue!**

    There are 4 themes available for now. We will be launching a new theme each month.
    Available themes:
    • Grow Plant Grow
    • Amazing Animals
    • Colours and Shapes
    • Little Pirate
    • Stompy Dinosaurs

    Ordering Details
    • CozyCot nickname
    • Item - (eg. Grow Plant Grow theme or 3 month subscription)
    • Quantity
    • Email address

    • POSB Savings Account: 130221734
    • UOB Current Account: 3493013139
    • By Internet Banking, (please indicate your nickname).
    • By ATM, kindly inform/PM me immediately so that I can match your payment to your order.

    My Email: [email protected]

    Here are some testimonials from satisfied parents:

    “LolliBox is totally great for overwhelmed and busy parents! New fresh ideas come to me and my kids. We’re so excited to see the next box!”
    – Rosanna, mother of two
    “Thanks LolliBox! I truly enjoyed seeing how free-form and imaginative my daughter was with the materials in the box.”
    – Meiping, mother of 4 and 6 year old
    “A wonderful product for the mommies that do not have the time or creativity to put all of the stuff together themselves and to do such things with the kids on their own!”
    – Theresa, mother of 3-year-old
    “My three-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activities that came in her first LolliBox. We had so much fun that I’ve already purchased a subscription to LolliBox!”
    – Emelda, mother of 3-year-old daughter
    “Talk about convenience! We mums LOVE anything convenient. In a nutshell, LolliBox provides the avenue and means for us to bond with our kids using mind-enriching art & craft activities. What an ingenious idea.”
    – Kless, mother of two girls
    “LolliBox is a keeper for sure! Just getting stuff in the mail is a big thrill for her… you know with kids, it’s the little things that they like”
    – France, mother of one daughter
    “An incredible collection of goodies! I was amazed with the amount of activities, materials and content in there. Great value!”
    – Sia Hui, mother of 5-year-old
    Thank you very much for the great responses! It really warms our hearts and it’s great to know we have warmed so many children’s hearts!
    We value your feedback! Submit your testimonial to us to let us know how we’re doing!

    Enjoy a little convenience & inspiration.
    Get your LolliBox now!

    Visit | Developing Every Child's Creativity and Expression for more information!

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