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  • [WTS] Elusyf Sheep Placenta

    Selling Elusyf CELL ACTIVA SP800.
    Sheep placenta is renowned to be effective in the reversal of the aging process due to its rich growth factors, hormones and antibodies as well as other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate the organic tissue.

    Product website:

    The Source:
    The source of the sheep placenta comes from sheep that are raised on special medicinal farms in countries synonymous with sheep farming and also well known for its strong focus on animal welfare such as New Zealand and Australia. The extensive pastoral farming systems employed by their farmers allow their sheep to live a more natural life with rarely restricted freedom of movement as compared to livestock in other countries. These medicinal sheep are chosen due to their almost identical match to human placenta stem cells. After these medicinal sheep have given birth safely, their ovine placenta will be harvested ethically and freshly frozen. There is no controversy regarding their use because they are derived from post-birth discarded placenta of healthy sheep raised at medicinal farms.

    Ovine Placenta Extract, Olive Oil, Shark Liver Oil, Fish Collagen Powder, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera Gel Extract, Xanthone.
    The benefits of each ingredients can be found here:

    Regenerates & improves the skin functions to maintain prime condition.
    Improves microcirculation, regulates blood lipids, reduces blood viscosity.
    Lowers the lipids peroxide levels in the liver and cardiac muscle.
    Speeds up wound healing & recovery process after delivery and surgery.
    Regulates & balances the hormones in male and female.
    Rejuvenates the function of the immune system.
    Encourages healthier & active lifestyle.
    Protects the human epidermal cells.
    Facilitates the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs.
    Reduces the skin pigmentation.
    Boosts the body’s metabolism.

    1 box contains 30 capsules.
    Consume 1 or 2 capsules daily.

    Prices & Packages
    Original Retail Price: $350
    1) 3 Boxes @$950 comes with FREE skincare set
    2) 6 Boxes @ $1600
    3) 12 Boxes @ $3000

    As I am an authorised distributor of the product, the abovementioned prices are much lower than market prices.
    Elusyf has much more ingredients as compared to other competitors, while maintaining the same concentration of sheep placenta. They complement the actual effect of sheep placenta thus allowing one to have a wide array of health benefits.

    For enquiries or to place orders, please feel free to PM me.