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Halloween Costumes For Sale!

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  • Halloween Costumes For Sale!

    MonsterWare comes in a time of crisis to not only save yourselves, but to save the world, my friend, from the very clutches of evil. To give the everyday us the opportunity to dress so as we like, in moments of extreme vanity, in moments of I want to be Superman but so will only do in the comforts of my room, in front of my mirror, for only my (sick little fantasy)-self, and of course, in moments like Halloween where everyone will have a chance in bringing out that little dark costume out from the closet.

    And so, we hereby present to you MonsterWare, Halloween Stuff so affordable (as compared to the blood-sucking sky-high rental rates of the costumes from the Little Elves) that you could so probably owe a piece of Halloween yourself, just so that you can have Halloween more than just that pathetic once a year.