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  • Swivl - Your Personal Cameraman

    Swivl is an amazing device with a platform that supports all smartphones and camera tripods. It's specially optimize for iPhones. A platform that allows you to do recording with 360 degress rotation view.

    It's good for teachers to record children's progress and movement, sports people to record their practices, property agents to prepare their showflat presentation, trainers and speakers for their lessons and presentations...etc.

    You don't need a 2nd person or cameraman to record for you. You can do it on your own without any professional skill.

    Check out more about Swivl at our Facebook Swivl Singapore and Southeast Asia. You can drop us an email [email protected] for enquiry or to arrange a demo.

    Discount will be given if you buy in bulk; 10 sets or more.

    Selling at $298 per piece inclusive of GST.

    What is Swivl?

    Simply put, this little device is a personal robotic cameraman that tracks whoever is holding its electronic marker in the video frame.

    It works with almost any Android or iOS smartphone, compact digital cameras and pocket camcorders.

    In addition, iOS devices can take advantage of the wireless mic to capture high quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection to the marker.


    1. Automatically Follows You

    The base automatically follows the marker and you up to 33 feet (10 meters). It swivel’s 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically when commanded from the Marker. Now you can frame your shot from anywhere.

    2. Mounting flexibility

    The grip is designed to hold your iOS device in various orientations to suit different uses. This allows you to use it with the front facing camera for Facetime or the rear facing camera for HD video shoots.

    3. Tripod Compatible

    In addition to iOS devices, it works with any tripod mountable pocket video camera, or point and shoot camera under six ounces. The Swivl also mounts onto most standard tripods through a standard tripod nut.

    4. Battery or AC Adapter Operated

    The Base operates on two AA batteries and provides you with four hours of action capture. It also can be operated with a separate AC Adapter accessory. The Marker operates on two AAA batteries and provides you with up to 10 hours of operation.

    iOS Controls

    This App currently provides basic remote controls of video. But there is much more on the way with our SDK. Swivl can be customized for telepresence, monitoring, panoramics, time lapse and more.

    iOS Digital Microphone

    Capture high quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection to the marker. This enables you to capture the audio you want, even in noisy environments. See our video demo here. Only iOS devices.

    Who can use this?

    "... The Swivl would be a great companion if you FaceTime or Skype often and want the freedom to do other tasks simultaneously.

    The Swivl is also ideal if you're looking to put together engaging video tutorials. Browse YouTube and you'll find an endless selection of poorly produced or boring videos. For the most part, these self-produced videos are limited to stationary speakers and standard cutaways. Aspiring chefs, for example, could move from station to station, prepping various parts of a meal, without ever having to go back and readjust the camera.

    Additionally, if you're looking to put together a skills tape for sports recruitment, the Swivl could make a useful companion."

    - PC Magazine, Satarii Swivl Review & Rating |
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