I received 2 emails that want to purchase my items. One from USA and the other from UK.

The one from USA sent me an email saying that PayPal deducted money from his PayPal account so asked me to transfer the money through western union.

The one from UK sent me an email that fakes that PayPal confirm paying for the item he bought.

I realized only after I checked with PayPal why does the US guy needs to pay for my acct activation fee. PayPal then checked and said that both buyers do not have any PayPal account so should be scam. The 2 fellas are conning me to transfer money and also ship the item since payment was confirmed.

I realised The UK guy who sent me fake confirmation through fake PayPal email when I click reply to and it shows funny email. In fact the email was found from my junk mails.

Just want to share my experience.