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  • Hampers?

    CNY is coming.... i'm thinking of getting hampers for my god parents... anyone has any recomendations where i can get nice or good hampers? Green horn here.

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    I don't really trust those hamper co. They give me the impression that half the time, the hampers are "empty vessel", meaning to say they put in lotsa empty or half-empty boxes just so that the hamper will look nice and more presentable. But do you really need those? And the cost of the products inside does not equate to what you are paying for. Half the time you are only paying for the nice packaging.

    Why not make a trip to Chinatown those bird nest or abalone shops, pick the items you want and check if they provide gift wrapping service?

    Or something other than hamper, get them a foot massager or some mermaid massager thingie from Osim. I think that's pretty thoughtful.

    Or get them something from L'occitane. Eg. their immortelle anti-aging skincare from face cleanser, precious cream to eye cream or masage oil or their cream for tired legs. Gift wrap service is FOC iirc.

    But of cos, none of them will beat the filiality and shower them with lotsa love and care!!

    p/s: L'occitane sell empty sinamy basket from $8 to $13.


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      How about Harrods at Taka? They have a wonderful range of delicious edibles that can be used/eaten as CNY goodies!


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        wow! u gals really have good ideas, for both oriental & jiak kantang (western) recipients.


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          saw some hampers at Isetan center(lido)

          looks not bad..but abit pricey i think


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            Lele I just walk past Horse Brand's Birdnest and they do have nice hampers. Saw a decent size for about $300plus, slightly cheaper if its cash and carry. Had a quick peer at the hamper, nothing very "lousy" inside!


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              haha... thanks ginger... i'm going to put Horse Brand's Birdnest on my blacklisted list.


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                Hi cotters! May I know where can I buy those hamper's basket?? What's the price like?? Thanks!!


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                  anyone know any good hamper online store, for biz clients. need ard 20 pc but budget only given 50 bucks each.... possible?


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                    CNY is coming. anyone planning to do a self-made hamper for SO's parents? or had made a hamper before?


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                      Anyone know what to do with hamper baskets as i've a few nice one.I wonder is there any shop that buys over them.

                      Sorry if i'm out of the topic


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                        yeah.. bumping this up.

                        any reasonably priced websites to recommend? thanks!