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Mo: High back ergonomic mesh chair for gaming/ office use

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  • Mo: High back ergonomic mesh chair for gaming/ office use


    This chair is constructed with a durable mesh backrest to allow sustained air flow and increased comfort even through long hours of extended sitting. A functional chair that fuses a minimalist style with ergonomic design – while at the forefront of technology and aesthetics.

    Height adjustable armrests

    Designed to provide superior comfort to fit individual arm length and height. Positions arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures. Helps develop better seating posture.

    Arm pads swing and slide

    Highly adaptable design for additional comfort, mobile arm pads are made to suit the individual contours and angles of user. Serves as a comfortable prop to promote better posture of shoulders as well.

    Lumbar support

    Extended full upper and lower back support for enhanced posture and perfect angle. The lumbar support gives the user superior comfort to minimise fatigue experienced from poor posture and prolonged sitting.

    Adjustable headrest

    Designed for added comfort to fit individual contours of neck and head of user with easy settings to encourage user to adapt to the most comfortable setting. Superior support favours task-oriented user to prevent unwanted tiredness.

    Tension control

    Individualised adjustable settings for controlling tension, tension control helps users function better through its shock absorption properties and enhanced support features for prolonged use and sustained seating.

    Choice of colour

    The back of this chair comes in different colour. I have provide the colour chart below.


    All mechanism part comes with 5 years local warranty.

    Local retail Price : SGD450 (with headrest)

    MO Price: Chair with headrest SGD270
    Chair w/o headrest SGD250

    Delivery: SGD25 (Those who wants to self collect please inform me)

    Mode of Payment: ATM Transfer/Internet Banking (Please use cozycot nick as your iBanking nick)
    Posb saving: 126944470
    UOB saving: 4333452426

    How to order:
    (Please email me in this format)

    HWZ ID / Name:
    Email Add:
    Collection Method: Delivery Service / Self-Collection
    Mailing Address (if opt for Delivery Service):
    Contact number:

    Item : Eg; (Mesh Chair with Headrest)
    Color: Eg; TW-36/light green (for colour code please refer to below image)
    Quantity: Eg; 1pcs
    Price: Eg; SGD295 (including $25 for delivery service)

    I'll send you a confirmation email after i've receive your order form. Please transfer me at least SGD100 as deposit for me to proceed with your order. Balance payment will be collected when item is ready for delivery/collection.

    Waiting period: 4-6 weeks after order is placed

    For enquiries pls send an email to [email protected]/ pm me or Hp:94504762

    FR for High Back Mesh Chair In HWZ

    By ekardo:

    collected the chair..almost gotten a scare when TS's door cannot open fully for the chair to be shifted out..haha..
    2 chair fit into my Honda Fit nicely..
    overall, it's a solid chair and very value for this price. easily cost >$500 in upmarket shops like vhive or those ATAS chair shop..

    main scorer:
    1) price
    2) 5 years promised waranty (but no receipt..if TS change # or MIA, that's it for the warranty
    3) built
    I will give this a 8/10. (even Herman Miller will not score a 10/10)
    2/10 is lost becos of the following;

    1) arm rest seems very loose and it shift position every time I touched it..I have a feeling that after 1 year, it will become totally loose..and there's no option to remove the arm rest

    2) seat cushion seems very hard...not super comfy but I guess it will at least last a long well if it's hard. The Material is also meshed, so somehow, even sitting in non air con room on a super hot night (like now) it's still not hot.

    3) Tilting angle is less than 135deg. and the seats does not tilt. so if you like to sit with your legs on the table..u might have a little problem.

    pt1 to 3 is my personal feel, it's not very impt for the chair as at 8/10 for this price, it's already a steal. If i were to compared to the $300over from vhive, that probably score only a 5/10.

    Thanks to TS for the lobang...I hope we can remain in contact... (for obvious reason...)

    up for your MO !!!

    By AC2:

    Received my chair last friday. too busy to post. Feedback is good better than the one I bought from V.hive lol(Thrown away the moment I got this one).

    By Smile2006:

    Thanks for arranging the MO #2. i have received the chair. The built is good and very comfortable to sit on. Overall good buy.

    By Djchris:

    Ordered one of youquan's ready stock of mesh chairs. Quality of the chair is excellent and all the knobs and buttons are working properly.

    Delivery is within the time range specified with bubble wrap and plastic wrapping around every part of the chair to ensure your chair reaches you safely.

    Order without worry.

    By oakley_870:

    just received the chair. and now i am enjoying it.

    for those who are still considering it. please don't consider it. just BUY !!!!!!!

    By Natgw88:

    thanks TS! i've just received the chair at my doorstep!

    ok just a quick review for other potential buyers.

    as mentioned,
    - the armrest height are adjustable.
    - back tilt adjustability is great and lockable at any position.
    - headrest is adjustable and comfortable
    - seat is wide and comfy and does not trap too much heat, slightly on the hard side but can tell it will last quite a long time.
    - lumbar support is negligible.

    overall built feels heavy and solid. definately worth more that its price. infact i've thrown my vhive high back synthetic leather chair right after receiving this.

    those who are interested to get it, dont hesistate anymore. its definately worth your money, and it comes with 5years onsite warranty. thanks TS for the MO!

    its really nice and TS spend abit of time helping me to make sure the car fit the item, and short intro on how the specific parts work.

    good product.....

    By justIn
    Short review:

    + Lumbar support with the cushion pushing at your back -> comfortable
    + Adjustable arm support height
    + Arm support can be rotated inwards
    + Adjustable head support height
    + Seat cushion seems like it'll last
    + Mesh backing is airy!

    - Chair is too low for me, bottom of seat only 45 cm from floor. Tall guys with long legs might have a problem.
    - Arm support rotates easily
    - Head support doesn't stay in position after setting height

    Overall I'm satisfied with the product. +1.
    Just take note if you have long legs.