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Brand new Apparelize ae/lp/cwc/megagamie SALE!!

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  • Brand new Apparelize ae/lp/cwc/megagamie SALE!!

    All BRAND NEW ! selling at low price because i have too many clothes !!

    Lookin :
    TCL victorian lace top - size S
    MGG Razzle Embellished Sleeves Top in Off White Size S
    [B]LB dublin strauss maxi black size S - Urgently
    Amber Avenue Classy Lace Maxi in Black - URGENTLY
    CWC - Lisbeth Batwing Top in white
    CWC - Delilah Oversized Sweater black n cream

    CWC - Sage High Collar Top Daffodi size S at $25 mail !

    TCL Leatherette Panel Shorts in Grey Size M at $20 !!

    1 - Apparelize California Resort Shorts In Olive size M - Jus recieve
    LINK - apparelize:
    selling at $20 !!!

    2 - Megagamie PREPPY 60'S DRESS Tangerine (with nude color sleeves) size M
    just recieved! brand new. letting go at $20.

    2 - Lilypirates Classically Cool Blazer in Taupe Cream Size S - Brand New! - $20
    LINK - lilypirates: Lily Ladies Series VII

    3. Megagamie NO ORDINARY ASYMMETRICAL MIDI DRESS in off white
    Link - megagamie - Collection 93: When Embossed Meet Floral
    selling at $20

    4 - Prairie Waterfall Drape Blazer in Cream - BN
    Link - Backorders � Her Velvet Vase
    Selling at $18

    5 - AE yellow dress ( its similar to waterfall dress but i cannot remember the name)
    Link - Agneselle — I Love My Make Up
    3rd one from right - Selling at $18

    6- theblushinc Giselle Victorian Blouson in pink - BRAND NEW - only wash it
    LINK - theblushinc: February 1
    bought at around $28. Selling at $20

    7- BC Grecian Gold-Trimmings Frock in WHITE - brand new
    LINK - Singapore
    NOTED: because it is too long ,altered to around 32'' Down
    leting go at $10

    1- Beacon Fantasy- SOLD
    2- Ruffled Jumpsuit- SOLD
    3 - Corset Jumpsuit - SOLD
    4 - E Eva Chiffon Lace Top PINK - sold
    5 - AE Chiffon Top in white - sold
    6- Grecian Summer Toga in PINK- SOLD
    7- Giselle's First Dance Dress in Matcha Green - SOLD
    8-HVV Swing Pleat Dress in rose- SOLD

    please email me at [email protected].