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    Hello ladies, just thought maybe I could use a little support here I've recently just set up my very own apparel webstore! We're currently on our first series, however our subsequent series are gonna be filled with self-manufactured stuffs! Here's a litle more about us in a short clip

    Marching Daisy, can also be read in a slight british accent and would sound like Merchandizinng "Mar-ching-dai-zy". At Marching Daisy, we hope to be everyone's desired one-stop outfit web-store in the future, where you we believe that every girl can be beautiful.

    Marching Daisy aims to bring you basics, versatile, and timeless numbers that would bring you from day to night, from festivals to dates, to just a simple day out. We believe that finding the perfect fit is just what every girl needs to feel good in what they wear. Confident girls are the prettiest!

    We self-manufacture as well as handpicked meticulously our collection of apparels, hoping to bring out the beauty in our customers! Additionally, providing service excellence to every single patron that patronises us.

    Should you have any queries, defective products, complaints, compliments, or simply any enquiries, do drop us an email at [email protected]

    We would love to be of service for you! Special discounts for cozycot readers, just key in "cozycot1" to receive your discount off your total bill