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    Hi Girls!

    So I'm moving out of the country and I need to clear too many supplies from my home salon. All the prices are already very low but still open for negotiations. I'm bundling them up since I don't want to have to throw anything away. So for every set of items, I'm giving a whole other bunch away free too. Hope you girls find something you want at a steal! Everything is neatly seal, categorized and packed in boxes. Reply below or email me at [email protected] if you're interested! Oh, and I can deliver straight to your salon and/or meet up for collection. P.S Because of image attachment limitations, you might want to check out all the images of the products I'm holding here!

    Set One ($250)
    Dr G Fungus Remover x4
    Guccio Whitening Paste x5
    Poshe Super Fast Dry Top Coat x4
    Poshe Super Fast Dry Base Coat x5

    Giving Away
    Yellow Buffer Blocks x4
    Buff & Shine Blocks (still in wrapper) x3
    Mini Portable Nail Files x10

    Second Set ($100)
    Large Cuticle Oil
    Large Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
    Large Star Nail Top Coat
    Large Star Nail Base Coat

    Giving Away
    Multi-colored Individual Toesies (Toe seperators) x126 pieces

    Third Set ($800)
    All Charisma Brand. Charisma can be used with other systems like Ez Flow too.
    Set of 45+ Acrylic Colors (forgot to take pictures of the rest cause I found them somewhere else in my room) in pastel, shimmer, solid, shimmer and glitter.
    2 Dehydrators
    1 Top Gel
    1 UV Top Coat
    5 Charisma Brand Files and Buffers
    1 Pack Charisma Nail Forms
    1 medium liquid monomer
    3 full size (and still full) white, clear and natural acrylic powders

    Giving Away
    Training Kit from when I was in school.
    Charisma Brand small liquid monomer
    Charisma Brand Acrylic brush cleaner
    Small White Acrylic Powder
    Small Natural Acrylic Powder
    Small Clear Acrylic Powder
    Kabuki Brush
    2 Ceramic Cuticle Remover Sticks
    Charisma Brand Nail Pincher
    100% High Grade Kolinsky Hair 3D Nail art brush
    Nail de Dance Brand Files and Buffers.

    Fourth Set ($200)
    Charisma Brand White Nail Tips (500 count)
    Charisma Brand Clear Nail Tips (500 count)
    Pink Glitter Nail tips from Taiwan
    High Grade Nail Tip Cutter

    Giving Away
    Charisma Brand Cuticle Pincher and Tweezer
    High Grade Acrylic Brush
    Pink Swarovski Crystal Acrylic Brush Cap
    Dotting Tool

    Fifth Set ($250)
    Original Brand Silicon Nail Deco Mold x20 designs
    Original Swarovski Crystal (full pack) x7 colors

    Giving Away
    All existing nail art as well as refills, including;
    Pre sliced fruit, flower and art shapes
    Dried Flowers
    Glitter Flecks
    Pre-cut flower tattoos
    and more.

    Alternatively, you can just get everything off my hands as well as other bits and pieces I forgot to get pictures of at $1500 (also negotiable)! xoxo.