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  • spree! taobao items.


    i am a singaporean living in hong kong so, thought i would start an online spree for taobao items. taobao is the china shopping website. they sell lotsa stuffs at really low prices. i found similar items on gmarket that cost alot more than taobao.

    anyway, this is how it goes:

    we will use the current exchange rate of 1SGD to 5RMB.

    for shipping i will use hong kong post which is pretty reliable - i've been using it to send items home. the items should reach within 2 weeks by air mail. if you want registered post, it will be an additional SGD $5.

    shipping rates to Singapore (for air mail) are as follow:
    first 300g ------ SGD $6
    every subsequent 300g ---- SGD $4.50

    if you're buying in bulk~ 5 to 10kg or more, we can work out the shipping cost according to hong kong post charges. sea shipping is possible too. yeps.

    some taobao stores charge a shipping rate within China as well. you will be able to see it when you click on the product. you can select to ship to Shenzhen where i will collect the products from. this cost will be added to the total cost as well.

    so, how it works is. total cost = item cost (with shipping to shenzhen) + international shipping fees to Singapore + 6% handling fee.

    if you're interested email me at [email protected] the URL of the item(s) you want to purchase and the details. you can also whatsapp me at +852 51155701.


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