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Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis - The Highest Grade of TCM Herbs

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  • Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis - The Highest Grade of TCM Herbs

    Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis is 100% produced and manufactured in Singapore!
    It is a product that is safely approved and certified by Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

    **NOW IN VEGGIE CAPS FORM & NEW PACKAGING(differ from picture shown)!!

    Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis - $99.00/box (60 capsules)

    Save when you purchase in packs of 2 or 3 boxes!

    2 boxes @$176.00
    3 boxes @$235.00

    *We welcome bulk orders and overseas orders.
    Contact us via [email protected] for more enquiries.

    Each capsule contains:

    Cordyceps sinensis mycelium (Fermented) 500mg
    Protein >27%
    Polysaccharides >25%
    Cordyceps acid >7%
    Cordycepin >0.15%
    Adenosine >0.2%

    Suggested Dosage: Take 2 capsules after meal.

    What is Cordyceps Sinensis?
    Known as “Dong Chong Xia Cao (冬蟲夏草)” in China and “Tochukaso” in Japan, this is the highest grade version of a traditional Chinese medicinal herb. It comes from Nepal and the Himalayan highland. Such harvested herbs can be considered among the most powerful and impactful of all the variant of Cordyceps. Ultimately, where the herbs are harvested plays a major role in the strength of its potency. Cordyceps Sinensis derived from these regions certainly will be among the most powerful and potent of the available supplements.

    Why Take Cordyceps Sinensis Supplements?
    Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to restore balance in the human body through properly channelling energy. It also seeks to restore the proper performance of human organ function and prevent the onset of disease. Such goals may be met taking this supplement since it is known for its ability to improve immune system function, deliver anti-tumor properties, and greatly improve the body's overall respiratory health.

    Health benefits according to Modern Pharmacology include:
    Enhanced Immune System Support
    Improved kidney, heart, liver, and respiratory function
    Increased vitality and wellness
    A feeling of being younger and more energetic