Clearing last few pieces of stock after closing shop down.

All pieces are Brand New In Package, never worn, never washed, and of store-bought quality. Had to close shop down due to poor sales and thus clearing all remaining stock at below cost price.

$2 off + free normal postage for fast deal and purchase of 3 pieces. More pictures can be requested, just contact me at my email/send me a private message

1. Navy Blue Basic halter tank - $5 (Retail price: $14.90)
2. Oversized white tank top with thumbprinted heart graphic - $6 (Retail price: $16)
3. Simple pleated black dress with ribboned back - $11 (Retail price: $21.90)
4. Red high-low maxi dress with laced back - $13 (Retail price: $25.90)
5. Black studded chiffon top with laced underlay *unique!* - $14 (Retail price: $2
6. Soft denim crop jacket - $11 (Retail price: $20)

1. Spiky head band - $5 (Retail price: $10.90)
2. Zipper Anklet - $3 (Retail price: $6)
3. Black Owl Cuff - $5 (Retail price: $11.90)

Thank you and I hope you could help me clear all this stock in order to break even.

pictures can be found at