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Der Löffel: Stainless Steel Spoon Rings & Bracelets

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  • Der Löffel: Stainless Steel Spoon Rings & Bracelets


    We are selling handmade rings and bracelets made from stainless steel and silver cutlery. Our very first few pieces of rings handmade from handles of vintage spoons collected, scouted and bought over the years. Do support our very first collection!

    With lots of love and care, these rings can go a long way. You can wear them everyday and will not rust even if you wash your hands with them on! (Tested by us!) If they ever lose their shine, all you need to do is rub the dullness away with a polishing cloth. Prices range between $25 to $35!

    Click the following links below to navigate!
    - Der Löffel: Spoon Rings
    - Der Löffel: Spoon Cuff Bracelet
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