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Kpop Fitness Class -New in Sg

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  • Kpop Fitness Class -New in Sg

    Hi, we are KpopdanZ Fitness, Kpop Fitness Newly Launched in Sg.
    KpopdanZ Fitness - a combination of body toning, fat burning exercises and simplified KPOP dancing
    We are launched for less than 2 months and received overwhelming interests from members of public.

    We now have 6 complimentary Tickets to give away for our trial class. Date 13 Feb 2013. Time 630pm to 730pm at Outram Classroom.
    If you are keen to redeem the ticket sms this

    "kpopdanZ Fitness is the first Kpop Fitness in Singapore, CozyCot , & your Name, nos of ticket you want to 91059821.

    Visit our website KPOP FITNESS SINGAPORE. See ya!