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Brand New Air Pump Jug: Tiger brand (Made in Japan)

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  • Brand New Air Pump Jug: Tiger brand (Made in Japan)


    I'm selling a brand new air pump jug. It is Tiger brand, made in Japan. Still in a box and I'm also giving away a free box of washing powder (for air pump). I think there are 4 packs in the box. The powder is also from Tiger.

    MODEL : PNM-B250-2.5L
    Capacity : 2.5L
    Temperature Retention : 63/76°C(24h/10h)
    Size(Weight) : 18.3 X 24.3 X 34.1cm (1.7kg)

    This model comes in 3 design. The one I'm selling is Rose(FC). You can go to Tiger Corporation and take alook at the design. Alternatively, you can email me for the pic.

    I'm selling it at S$50. Not earning anything. Just don't want to waste this item cos I'm not using it. I bought it for my mum, not knowing that she also went and bought one.

    You can email me for more info at [email protected]

    Thank you.