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WTS : Somdej thai amulet by LP Toh authentic antique

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  • WTS : Somdej thai amulet by LP Toh authentic antique

    Somdej Thai Amulet 100% Authentic for sales.
    There are only few pieces in the world. Hand made by monk from temple,
    More than 100 years.
    Have send it to Amulet shops to check it's authentication.
    You may send it for authentication too.
    Selling at SGD23,000 neg

    Advantages of amulet : protection, wealth, luck, harmony, business

    Amulet wrap with gold casing

    It's self own, I'm not a dealer. Suitable for both men and women.

    You may PM me should you be interested. Thank You

    You may take this as a collection,religion or investment. There're only appreciation for this piece of antique.

    Brief history of the amulet as followed,

    A lot of holy ingredients were used in making Phra Somdej WRK, there are other special powder like Pata Muang powder, Iti jie powder, Maha Raj powder, Buddha Khun powder and Trini Singhae powder. Apart from this 5 types of special powder, other material used are 108 kind of flowers, Lime, soft white clay, bananas and any other leftover food or rice by LP Toh. All these materials were then mixed together using Tung oil and imprinted in the molds. The ready made Phra Somdej will then go through the incantation ceremony by LP Toh. During the ceremony, LP Toh chanted Katha Chinabanchorn to reflect the invitation of the Lord Buddha and 28 Arahans to bless the Phra Somdej as well.Phra Somdej process special spiritual values consist of:Enhance personal power, increasing charm and loving kindness, strong protection from accident and can be dip into water for making holy water to treat various illnesses.*

    Luang Por Toh (LP Toh) was born on 17 April B.E.2331 in Tha-Ruer district, Ayutthaya province. At the age of 12, He was ordained as novice monk and moved to *** Rakang (WRK). During that time, Luang Pu Nark was the abbot of WRK, he had a dream that a white elephant ate all the Tri-Pi-Taka books on the shelves. Next day, Luang Pu Nark made a prediction from his dream that there will be a young and intelligent novice monk coming to be his disciple. His prediction came true as Luang Pu Aran-Yik bought novice Toh to him to become his disciple on the same afternoon.LP Toh did learned his wicha from from a few masters one of them is Luang Pu Suk who have very high meditative power in early Ratanakosin era. LP Toh was ordained as a Buddhist monk during the King Rama 1 to King Rama 5 period and been the most favorite monk of the king. King will always seek advise from LP Toh during the time of crises.*Phra Somdej WRK were made by LP Toh during B.E.2410 - 2414 in rectangular shape and size about L 3.5cm and W 2.3cm. They were made in 4 phim:*1) Phim Yai 2) Phim Chedi 3) Phim Tharn Sam 4) Phim Kej Buatoom.