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WTS: Brand new Babyplus prenatal education system (BNIB)

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  • WTS: Brand new Babyplus prenatal education system (BNIB)


    I have a brand new Babyplus prenatal education system for sale.

    The Babyplus system

    The BabyPlus curriculum is a series of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother's heartbeat. The rhythm of the sounds increases incrementally as the pregnancy progresses. The BabyPlus sonic pattern introduces your child to a sequential learning process, built upon the natural rhythms of their own environment.

    This "auditory exercise" strengthens learning ability during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant and enduring for a child. BabyPlus is the first educational tool designed for prenatal use that has been proven effective. BabyPlus children have an intellectual, developmental, creative, and emotional advantage from the time they are born.

    BabyPlus is based on more than 25 years of scientific research.
    Our prenatal curriculum introduces your developing baby to learning in the only true language of the prenatal environment, the language of the maternal heartbeat. The spoken word is too difficult for the developing child to understand and music is too complex.

    However, scientifically conducted studies show that the prenatal child recognizes the maternal heartbeat and can learn to differentiate progressively more rhythmic patterns of that sound.

    For more info, please visit:

    Give Your Baby a Headstart with the BabyPlus? Prenatal Education System
    BabyPlus - Home

    I am selling the Babyplus system at SGD$200. The local retail price is about SGD$338. Please contact me at 94899778 if you are interested or want to see the picture of the actual product in the box. I can meet you for Cash and carry anywhere along the MRT systems, preferably in the west. You can check the Babyplus before buying.

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    Attached are the pictures of the babyplus kit (BNIB).
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