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Natural Remedies -- Essential Oils of Therapeutic Grade

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  • Natural Remedies -- Essential Oils of Therapeutic Grade

    Hello, Everyone!

    I am into natural remedies using Young Living essential oils after having significant improvement to my skin and like to share this goodness with everyone.

    For any question on the potential usages, please PM me.

    Why Aromatherapy/Essential Oils?
    • Therapeutic grade are of 100% extracted from aromatic plant sources
    • Before western medicine is invented, plant is the natural remedy to many illnesses

    Why the brand, Young Living?
    • High Quality
    • Affordable
    • One of the best for Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

    Highly Recommended Essential OiLs:

    Lavender - 15 ml Frankincense - 15 ml
    Discounted Price: $ 40.00 Discounted Price: $ 129.00
    Retail Price: $ 46.05 Retail Price: $ 143.42
    Promotes sleep, great for insomnia.
    Provides relief for skin irritations or acne.
    Lighten and reduce likelihood of scars
    Promotes focusing of mind
    Promotes firming of skin
    Lighten scars
    Click image for larger version

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    More Recommended Essential OiLs:

    PepperMinT - 15 ml PurificaTion- 15 ml
    Discounted Price: $ 37.00 Discounted Price: $ 33.00
    Retail Price: $ 41.45 Retail Price: $ 37.50
    Provide relief of migraine, headaches or sinus
    Promotes focusing of mind
    Cleanse and soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes
    Purify and cleanse the air (when diffuse)
    LemonGrass- 15 ml Lemon- 15 ml
    Discounted Price: $ 21.00 Discounted Price: $ 20.00
    Retail Price: $ 23.68 Retail Price: $ 22.37
    Provide relief to ligament pain and sprain Aid balance of oil gland
    Aid circulation improvement and detoxifying
    Aid soothing of skin


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      Payment Mode:
      • Bank Transfer via POSB/DBS and UOB

      Delivery Mode:
      • Self Collection in any MRT of Circle or North East Line
      • Registered Mail


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        Diffuser - 30% Discount

        Discounted Price: $108.00
        Retail Price: $ 154.60


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          More Recommended Essential OiLs:

          Discounted Price : $ 114.00
          Retail Price : $ 127.63
          Ingredients: Lemon, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Idaho, Rosemary, Cardamon
          Aids release of resistance to changing negative emotions and belief systems.
          Oregano Copaiba
          Discounted Price : $ 52.00 Discounted Price : $ 74.00
          Retail Price : $ 58.55 Retail Price : $ 82.89
          Provide relief to arthritis/rheumatism
          Use as a flavor in cooking/dressing and aid the killing of virus that may make you sick
          Aid digestion and support the body's natural response to injury or irritation


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            Diffuser posted on 17 Apr 2013 is sold!


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              I start using essential oils on the burn scars on my foot 4 months ago. The scars are lighter in color and blend more to my skin color.
              Refer to my blog for before and after photos.

              My Scars – Before and After Using Essential Oils | Wellness Journey


              A few months ago I developed eczema all over my body. it was very itchy and burning. The dematologist prescribed cortisone cream. I did not want to use this becasue it thins the skin. Healthfood store creams were expensive, I needed a whole load for my entire body.

              I added 30 drops lavender oil and 10 drops lemon oil to 1/2 lb of warm coconut oil, mixed it well. It soothed my skin and my skin started to heal. I of course did other things to reduce stress and did a colon cleanse etc. But the skin healed magically with this lavender and lemon oil mixture.

              -- Farida Manji, ON, Canada


              During the winter, I found myself amazed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and all the botox, plastic surgery etc they have going on. I thought, I'm not a millionaire, what can I use to help me get rid of wrinkles.

              I studied and found Lemon and Lavender essential oils are great for wrinkles. Directly applied to the skin, the oils are like an all natural botox! Yet, I suggest that you mix a few drops with V-6 or Olive Oil. Please a very thin layer on your face. It takes TIME to see the results, but you will see results.

              -- Dana Neal, WI, United States


              I have had great results using lavender, lemon and frankincense oil on my face. After only a few days of application, I see visible changes, these changes are quicker than any other skin products that I have used. My facial skin looks smoother and shinier, the pores (from many years of acne and blemishes) become smaller. My skin tone has changed tremendously.

              My recipe: lavender and frankincense in the morning. Lemon and frankincense before bed. One to two drops each and couple of minutes interval between oil. The interval is for the first oil to have time to work on the skin before the next layer of oil. Hope this helps with those who struggle with facial issues.

              -- Sook fun Chen, Sg, Singapore


              My daughter has severe eczema to the point where she gets huge bloody scabs from scratching. I used Frankincense diluted in V-6 and applied to her whole body every day for a week. It has been 2 weeks since the last application and she has not had a breakout. When my family gathered for Christmas they could not believe how great her skin looks! Especially because eczema usually gets worse in the winter, not better!

              -- Megan Heroldt, IL, United States
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                  Essential OiLs and Medicine


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                    Say Goodbye to Acne


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                      Minimize Appearance of Scars


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                        Hi DanceAway,

                        I went to laser off some of my moles, and it left some depressions in my face, will the essential oils that you recommend for scars work? I'm very anxious now because it's on my face!

                        Also, my sis just gave birth and has terrible stretch marks on her tummy. Can you recommend some essential oils for that?



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                          Hi NaturalFan,

                          The essential oils recommended will definitely work on your face.
                          Personally, I have also been applying Frankincense on pimple scars. It helps to reduce lines and smooth the complexion.

                          For your sister, the essential oils below will help with her stretch marks:
                          • Frankincense
                          • Tangerine
                          • Lemon

                          Note: Do not expose yourself to direct sun when using lemon. It will cause pigmentation.

                          PM me if you like to place an order.



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                            Frankincense Essential OiL has been widely researched and known to :

                            Click on the links to check out the sources.


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                              Hi DanceAway,

                              Saw there are some essential oils for scaring. Could you recommend what are the oils for chickenpox & acne scaring?