Ralph Lauren #20 [OPEN!]

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Accepting Everything!!
Final price will be reflected in the breakdown sent.
Do email me if you would like to know final price before ordering.

Website Ralph Lauren: Shop Men's & Women's Clothing, Shirts, Shorts and Swimsuits.
Will order in batches of usd$250-260

Email Address: [email protected]
Bank Account: POSB Savings 039-61322-0 (pls use your LJnick)

Terms & Conditions
For your benefit, please read.
By joining, you have agreed to all T&Cs stated on this page.

Shipping/ Payment:
Ralph Lauren --> VPost --> Me --> You

1st payment:
(Item 1 + ... x 1.3) + (no of item x $2)

2nd payment:
Top-up of shipping + $0.70 handling + postage

If you have other requests, please explain them to me as I hope there will not be any misunderstandings.
GST, if incurred, will be calculated by the price of item.
Shipping charges will be calculated by weight of item.

Please add item to cart to view final price after discount.
Excel sheet will be drawn up to show the discount for each item. Please seek assistance if you are not sure.
Gift wrap option is free but just keep in mind your item will be heavier & shipping cost will be more.
Rough gauge of shipping amount will not be given as it will differ from batch to batch. I do not want to have any problems later.

Mode of Distribution:
Meet-up a Choa Chu Kang MRT, Bugis MRT, Sembawang MRT, Yew Tee MRT, Turf City, ACJC/ACSi (vary according to weekly schedules)
Normal mail
(Recommended) Registered mail

Format of Ordering:
LJ nick/ name:
Email add:

Item 1
Item name:
Item URL:
Qty: 1
Price in USD:
(Repeat for subsequent items)

Total no. of items:
Total amt in USD:
Total in SGD: [total in usd x 1.3] + [no of items x $2] = SGD$ (round up to nearest cent)

Date of transaction:
Amt paid:
Transaction ref:

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