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Facial Demos- Is this what your beauticians do?

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  • Facial Demos- Is this what your beauticians do?

    Ultrasonic facial
    High frequency facial
    High Tech facial

    Home use devices available; price range from $65-$150 with free courier and discounted French formulated Ceutical ampoules
    Email [email protected] with your skin type and problems (if any) and we will send you a customized solution for your consideration

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    Anyone tried Aqua Spa facial? Nice name but was surprised of the price charged!

    - Double cleanse using cleanser
    - Beautician comes with a clear bowl, some cotton and a beauty device
    - Water is put on my face with the cotton then beautician starts to use the beauty device to 'deeply cleanse' your face
    - Process repeats on the whole face
    - When beautician is done, she shows me the 'dirt' in the clear bowl then clean my face.
    - Put on a rubber mask for 20-30 minutues
    - Clean and put moisturer
    - Done--- $120!!!

    I like the results e.g. face really feels clean and soft after the session BUT I was surprised to find out that the device used is actually a skin scrubber.
    Skin scrubber is good for cleaning and massaging the face + helps in products penetration. It costs me less than $120 for one that can last me for so many 'Aqua Spa facials' at home.


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      Collagen facial- Per beautician- must have a good 'base' before you start actual treatments

      - Cleanse using cleanser
      - Put on a paper mask: suppose to moisturize the face
      - Does extraction
      - Put collagen gel and use ultrasound massager for product penetration
      - Clean and put collagen rubber mask
      - Clean and put moisturizer. Done!

      $100 per treatment; this is discounted after signing a package eg $1000 for 10 times instead of $200 per session.
      I bought this package as they had a skin analyzer which shows me before and after treatment results. However, they only did the analysis for the first time. It's my 8th visit already. They now tell me that yes- it will be done during your next visit... Oh no- think it may be hard-sell again....have decided not to buy as i do not see much results. Should be more diligent in using my home beauty devices...ultrasonic massager

      Please share your facial sequences. Am keen to know what are the differences?


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        Facial in China Town- Interesting

        1) Double cleanse
        2) Steamer for 5 min
        3) Extraction
        4) A device to kill 'germs'
        5) Fresh toufu mask
        6) Clean and apply moisture

        I like the toufu mask- you can smell the toufu and it is very cooling. I think it is taken out from the fridge.
        Face feels good; think it has whitening effect. Tried the fresh cucumber mask before too. Good deal- $50 per session; no hard sell.


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          Home beauty devices- 10% off for those who indicate 'Cosycot' in comments field of order form

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                Thinking of organising a get-together to share the how to for home use beauty devices and for all to share knowledge and experience.
                Free for all; location and timing to be confirmed depending on number of attendees. Email: [email protected] if keen