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New alternative to Vpost & Netshopinc ?

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  • New alternative to Vpost & Netshopinc ?

    Check out this personal shopper service.

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    Hmmm.... hosted on blogspot.

    So do we have to pay her 1st before she sends the items over?

    Seems good but I am skeptical especially since it's hosted over on blogspot. :roll:


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      she seems to have a thing against terence..haha it sounds not too bad though but only a few items at one time.


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        no names stated, no contact information apart from a given email address... im kind of skeptical about this. though, i must admit, i'm getting tempted


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          not really sure abt this cos really she is so faraway, if she runs away we cant find her!


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            I am skeptical too. since netshop was a total screw up. i didnt know that i have to wait that long for a top to arrive. i think vpost is the best and dun mind paying more for the top arrived early before my lemmings for it fade away.


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              hmmm, i dont really trust her. not exactly a legalised service. :eh:


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                i haven't used it but you could try eshopusa. i just emailed them and they're prompt in replying + you get to choose your shipping type from US to here. the website is rather hard to navigate but at least all your transactions with them can be tracked as they use local banks and is a registered company with ACRA


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                  Erm...after my Netshop experience, I'm a bit skeptical about this type of services, especially since it's hosted on

                  Once bitten, twice shy.


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                    I've tried eshopusa twice and they've never failed me -- they even helped when I needed to exchange a defective product.

                    So if you're looking for an alternative to vPOSTUSA and Netshopinc, this is probably it



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                      eshopusa looks good!

                      the personal shopper thingie, i could consider provided she gives more photos, information about her. what if she runs away? :roll:
                      better be safe than sorry...


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                        Re: New alternative to Vpost & Netshopinc ?

                        Originally posted by baobei
                        Check out this personal shopper service.
                        hey baobei

                        How did you get to know about this thingie? A contact of yours? Have you tried using this before?


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                          101mynxes, how long did it take for your items to arrive? What shipping method you chose? I'm looking for alternatives to vPost & Netshopinc because I need to order something from US end of this year


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                            ohce: spot on, she's a personal friend of mine whom recently decided to make a few extra bucks on the side. And of course to cut cost, its hosted on a free site etc etc.

                            She told me free feel to email her if u gals need more information on address, contact number pictures. She would not be comfortable posting such personal information on the site. ( not exactly your 1800 free business hotline )

                            Its something that I thought cotters might be interested in/appreciate.

                            Any queries, feel free to PM me or email her.

                            If moderators deem inappropriate, let me know too

                            Thanks & Cheers,


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                              Originally posted by pretty_panda
                              101mynxes, how long did it take for your items to arrive? What shipping method you chose? I'm looking for alternatives to vPost & Netshopinc because I need to order something from US end of this year
                              pretty panda,
                              For my first package, I chose the Global Priority Mail (flat rate envelope). It took about two to three weeks to reach here.

                              My second purchase coincided with the mad Christmas season, plus SingPost here screwed up my delivery -- it took more than a month -- so that wasn't a fair comparison.

                              What I really liked about eshopusa was the customer service -- very fast turnaround time (about one day to reply your mail) -- and the fact that one of the partners (Marie) is based in Singapore. She takes care of my order down to the smallest detail (like my choice of free samples from Sephora) and helped with returns and exchanges.

                              Why don't you drop her a mail and gauge for yourself if you'll like her services? Happy shopping!

                              Hi baobei,
                              I'm thinking of getting something M.A.C. from Canada so I'll probably engage your friend's services. Thanks for letting us know, at least she is not a complete annonymous stranger now!