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Detox! Ease Constipation! Say Bye Bye to your Tummy & Fats!

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  • Detox! Ease Constipation! Say Bye Bye to your Tummy & Fats!

    Phyto Fiber $35.00
    - 20gm x 15 sachets

    Your weight loss and detox partner~

    What is Phyto Fiber?
    Phyto Fiber is a mixture of dietary fiber from fruits and plants which is blended to be consumed as a juice drink. It is an effective colon cleanser and a good choice for weight control.

    Phyto Fiber is rich in fibers such as Psyllium Husk, Oats, Hawthorn Berry and Roselle which help to meet your dietary fiber requirement. It helps your digestive system and lower cholesterol level. In addition, it also can helps in body?s weight management.

    - Effective colon cleanser
    - Helps in weight control and management
    - Helps digestive system and lower cholesterol level
    - Lower risk of colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, piles & appendicitis
    - Increase the speed of stool elimination so as toxin elimination
    - Helps to lower the absorption of sugar and to control blood sugar

    Recommended Consumption:
    Briskly mix one sachet of Phyto Fiber into a shaker with 200-250ml of water at room temperature or cold water.
    You can also mix it with fruit juice. Consume the drink immediately after mixing with shaker.

    Advisable time to consume Fiber will be during the daytime before lunch or night time before sleep.
    For fast results, take two sachets per day, 1 before lunch and 1 before sleep.

    The fiber drink will clear your bowels and take effect in 8 to 12 hrs after consuming.
    For the first few days, you will need to visit the toilet for 2 to 4 times per day depending on individual.
    After which, it will regulate and toilet visits will go back to 1 to 2 times per day.

    Order now to receive:

    1 BOX of Fiber at only $35
    Option 1 - Comes with 1 FREE Shaker + FREE Normal Postage
    Option 2 - Comes with 1 FREE Sachet (Top-up $1.50 for Normal Postage)

    2 BOXES of Fiber at only $70
    Option 1 - Comes with 2 FREE Shakers + FREE Normal Postage
    Option 2 - Comes with 2 FREE Sachets (Top-up $2.55 for Normal Postage)
    Option 3 - Comes with 1 FREE Sachet + 1 FREE Shaker (Top-up $1.50 for Normal Postage)

    3 BOXES of Fiber at only $105
    - Comes with FREE Membership + 4 FREE Sachets
    - Top-up $3.35 for Normal Postage

    Post on thread or email [email protected] for enquires.

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    From spicegal:
    "Hi luxehome, I wish to tell you I have lost some inches off my waist and my tummy after consuming this for 2 weeks. My pants are also looser now. It's really amazed at how much we can passed out everyday. Haha. Now I do not feel guilty when I eat slightly more cos I know that it will be passed out the very next day. Great product and I will be ordering more from you soon. Thanks!"

    From Ruimom:
    Ya it really work well for me and my family...i took it for 1weeks and result seen...

    From magg:
    morning gers.
    there 1 thing i must share about how good is this product.

    For me i cant take this drink everyday but once every few days. esp when i go oversea on holiday, where we dont get to eat enough veg or fruit and also sometimes is so hard to bowl when you go oversea. this product is a great help for me~

    and also my dad got Stroke and kidney problem, he cant bowl like a normal human. getting him to go toliet is really a big headache. he cant put out normally. before taking this product we have been look for ways and help to let him bowl. we even try A**lon, it helps but the cost is too high. after he start on this drink his have been going to the tolilet just like us. and we also save on the cost.

    thanks you "luxe home" for bringing this product in. like to order 1 more box from you.

    From Yen Ling:
    Hi Adeline,
    Am very pleased with the results. So far complete 1 box of the drink and managed to shed off some kgs n inches. I used to have bad constipation, but now, i feel so light. You have seen me the other day when i collected my 2nd box of the fibre drink. Do i looked like some1 who just gave birth 3 months ago? I just gave birth to my 3rd child in end feb this year. Before taking this drink, i always felt heavy and couldn't run. After taking this drink, i feel so light. Will definately continue to drink it.

    From Shakybaby07:
    Me back for my order again. Took the first box and lost 2kg. The whole tummy flatten... amazing...

    From cheese84:
    I slim down 0.5kg again~ Wooo~~~ come on come on~ SLIM DOWN SLIM DOWN! Kekeke

    From Kristie Wong:
    Just want to share my experience after taking the Phyto Fiber for a week.

    I take it twice a day. Inititally, really feels a bit uncomfortable, as I have to run to the toilet many times, esp on the first 3 days after taking the drink. But slowly, now i feel much better, and in fact, i feel that it kinds of controls my intake of food as well.

    Most importantly, i do feel that i have lost a tiny bit of inches, esp at my waistline, as I am trying to shred away the bulging tummy.

    I have ordered another 3 packs and I am excited and looking forward to shred more inches in the weeks to come.

    By the way, the drink actually taste quite good, if you like hawthorn, and goes well with cold ice water. :-)

    From Amy:
    I am someone who suffers from chronic constipation. For years, I visited the doctor and even went for colonscopy and even to the extend of acupuncture. However, nothing seems to work at all. During my last trimester of pregnancy, I was even admitted to the hospital because i was very very constipated. I have tried various medication including other fiber drinks for constipation. However, nothing worked for me. Even if they really did move my bowels, I could still feel that I did not really clear my bowels clean.

    I saw Phyto Fiber on SMH long ago and was very very apprehensive about getting it. In fact, I actually emailed Adeline some time ago regarding Phyto Fiber and asked many questions about it (do you still remember adeline?). I was not really comfortable in getting it cause there were just too many question marks in me.

    However, having seen many good feedback on this product, i decided to give it a try.

    To my surprise, Phyto Fiber really did work for me. I have some tummy aches (still bearable)in a day and after the tummy aches i know that very soon after I will need to visit the toilet. My husband is also really shocked. My tummy is also flatter now and I feel so detoxified.
    I hope my testimonial will help those who are still contemplating about Phyto Fiber.