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  • Gift Ideas Help!

    Mods, please move this thread to wherever it is suppposed to belong to. Thanks.

    My girl-friend's birthday is coming up soon and I intend to buy a purse (the small ones) for her. Sometimes she dresses really very feminine but sometimes she dresses like a tomboy. What kind of purse should I get for her?

    I'm deciding between this Paul & Joe coin purse:

    and this Little Match Girl:

    Which one will be more suitable? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    I like the P&J one. It's really feminine. I'd buy it for myself too!


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      will your friend think u got her GWP u don't want? test her out on her liking for such an item, don't want her to think on the bad side.


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        Haha.. Yes, I like it too. Love the design on it.

        kopibeauty, your view is that P&J is very feminine. So I should get the LMG one for her? I know she will love both. It's only a matter on buying which one for her. And it's giving me a headache.


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          The P&J is a GWP? I saw it in yoganut's auction and wanted to buy it but decided to get some opinions first.

          I tried to ask her just now, but she logged off before I could get my second sentence out.


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            I the Paul & Joe one..

            But as a gift for your might want to consider getting the little match girl one for her..its more neutral not too feminie and brown is more neutral color also..

            You might want to think of her usual habits like is she more out-going (sporty kind) or girly..then you can also look at the ones shes using now to give you a gauge the 1s she like.. ..

            By the way, can i ask how much is the Paul & Joe one?my girl-friend birthday also coming..



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              Erm, I'm not exactly a very feminine girl myself - but the P&J one is very cheerful & happy looking, thus I think it's a betta gift lar.

              However, what Vernis said is also true. You gotta find out if your friend is into P&J or not. She might be a P&J fanatic...and she might find out that that is a P&J she might not be too happy about it. Just my 2 cents worth.


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                twinstar: I saw this P&J in yoganut's auction. It's starting bid is at $12. She has not has a purse yet that's why I want to buy it for her 'cause she has mentioned to me that she needed one.

                kopibeauty: She's not a P&J fan that I can guarantee. So I can be assured she will not be unhappy about it. I don't think she even knows about P&J.


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                  maybe she wants it like hell so she will love u more when she receives it from U. anyway asking is better than being sorry, u can't think how one person's having in her mind no matter how close u are to her.

                  my close friend told me how much she loves an OshKosh denim dress for her little girl, i got her one from the dept store, ended up one size bigger, she rejected it, ask me go sell in Yahoo auction... :roll: people selling factory overruns there, how can i sell even i give 50% discount!?!


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                    Thanks for the warning vernis. Thanks for the advice ladies. I think I shall get both of it first. Will give her whichever she likes and the other I shall keep it for myself.


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                      lol, buy two for her! so she can switch purse whenever she dress femininely or tomboyish


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                        Too late too late. I didn't bid for the P&J one 'cause I wanted to ask her opinion. Now it's gone. Now my wish is that I am still able to get the LMG purse for her.


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                          oh.. don't worry... I'm sure you'll get the LMG's purse. :D Isn't there anywhere else that sells P&J's coin purse?


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                            Mummy dearest helped me to buy the LMG purse yesterday. Still sourcing for the P&J purse. And I still have not got a chance to ask her which one she likes best.


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                              well.. since u said she'll like both of them. Then i guess u wouldn't have to worry. cause she'll like either one of them. And i'm sure she appreciates the gift.. Its the thought that counts my dear! :D