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    What's vConcierge?

    vPOSTUSA is pleased to introduce a new add-on service. We realise that even with vPOSTUSA, customers are still unable to buy from some websites, i.e. websites that do not accept International Credit Cards. Now this problem is gone! With our new service, vConcierge, vPOSTUSA members can now buy from these websites. No more worries about not being able to buy from,, etc. Log on now to tell us what you want to buy! Click here to login now.

    How it works?

    Step 1
    Surf at any US websites that do not accept International Credit Cards.
    Things to Note
    1) Website URL
    2) Item name and Description (preferably provide us the entire link)
    3) Amount, Size or Colour

    Step 2
    Log on to (link). Enter the above information and submit to us.

    Step 3
    vConcierge will follow up with the merchant and check on the price of the goods.

    Step 4
    A payment advice of the value of the goods will be sent to you. Make payment via eNETS and we will process your order.

    Step 5
    We will inform you when your items will arrive at our vPOSTUSA address. Make payment for the shipping charges and the handling fee and we will send the goods to your doorstep.

    Q4 : Are there any additional charges?

    A4 : Yes, to use this service, there's a vConcierge handling charge of S$10 per order. For e.g. if you order from Abercrombie and, you will have to pay S$20 handling charges. This charge excludes the vPOSTUSA shipping charges.

    Q5 : Where can I send my email enquiries to?

    A5 : You can send your email enquiries to [email protected].

  • #2
    Wow this sounds really cool! That means we can now order stuff from alloy and aeropostale and more...

    *rubs palms together in glee*


    • #3
      Sounds great! Hope this means its a green light to order from!


      • #4
        so its basically the same as vpost except that you have to pay extra $10. not bad...


        • #5
          I just received an email from Vpost and I happened to qualify for the trial-run:

          How much it cost?
          A handling fee of $5, off from the usual price of $10.

          How tempting!!


          • #6
            do u haf to use Vpost very often in order to qualify for this free trial thing?


            • #7
              Maybe. I received the invitation for the trial too.

              Have been using VpostUSA these few months.


              • #8
                This sounds good!

                But I must point out that some (though certainly not all) websites that do not accept international credit cards will still process your order if you enter your US shipping address as the credit card's billing address. So no harm trying this method first before going for vConcierge.


                • #9
                  We have to make payment to Vpost via eNets.. how do i activate my eNETS??


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                    ashlene... eNETS is the same method via ibanking, which you currently use to pay for vpost charges... HTHs


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                      Anyone wanna try this new service??


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                        Originally posted by Lola
                        ashlene... eNETS is the same method via ibanking, which you currently use to pay for vpost charges... HTHs
                        Oh, I usually use my debit card to pay

                        never really figured out how to use eNETS

                        thanks tho' 4 explaining !


                        • #13
                          I also use debit card to pay as credit card payment, never really know how to use the Enets cos it always hang on me when is at the DBS page


                          • #14
                            the enets website hangs if you go through the link in the payment advice email. so i always go through the track and trace section and click on the outstanding bill and it should go well. HTHs


                            • #15
                              Vpost is really smart!