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    hi Dewy

    they do sell cheong sam tops..


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      heard New Market Street market will be opened on 15 Jan, in time for CNY.


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        the Cheong Sam shop is just after the "Park" overhead bridge, if you are coming from People's Park, it's on your right. Think it's a few units next to a HK dessert shop.

        The Cheongsam are all over the mannequins...


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          Originally posted by vernis
          heard New Market Street market will be opened on 15 Jan, in time for CNY.
          My colleague told me the stalls are up for bids already. Just passed by there last Thurs, the renovation is near completion, maybe another 30% left and the final touchups. Hope there are new exciting stuff... and i certainly miss the yong tau foo.


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            Originally posted by Aquamarine
            I read that there's a shop called Suits & U which sells nice office outfits in chinatown... but i m not sure of the address... May i know if anyone here knows where isit?

            Suits & U is in the building opposite OG (linked by an overhead bridge) and it's on the 2nd level..sorry can't recall the name of the building


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              Suits N U
              101 Up Cross St #02-30 People's Pk Centre
              Tel : 6532 3383

              This is the building with many travel agencies and luggage shops, opposite Chinatown Point and Yue Hwa Chinese Products.


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                Vel, u are a stone throw away, do update your auntie friend ok?


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                  Surprised by shops in Chinatown

                  Hi all, just joined this forum, spent some time reading the postings. I am someone who loves to shop arnd for affordable and nice clothings.. So just to share my experience over the weekends..

                  Sch holz started and i had nothing better to do.. so met up with some friends to go shopping.. Went over to far east and bought a couple of tube tops and dress... was there on sat. During the afternoon timing, a friend suggested heading down to chinatown. I was rather..hmm.. how shld i put it...Shopping at chinatown ???????????? sounds really weird to me...

                  reached there at abt 4+ ... walked out of MRT and entered a shopping complex.. it's the one with alottt of ppl selling electronics and handphones... felt very awkward there and nth at all to see...

                  Our next location was above the bigbig hawker centre.. this was where the surprise came... We went straight to 3rd floor, cuz 2nd floor seems like all is textile shops... GOSH, the area is full of imported stuffs... Although the walking area is non-airconditioned, but it's rather ok... some shops were quite messy.. but some were neat and stuffs were pretty nice...
                  Some shops i entered were butterflies, felio and a couple more which i dun quite remember the names... their stuffs i'd say are relatively cheap, designs are not bad and quality is not too bad.. .. I will say i'm really surprised !!!

                  Finished the 3rd floor at abt 6.30...wanted to go for dinner, but passed by a shop at 2nd floor while walking down the stairs and finding our way. If i dun remember wrongly, the shop name is Estilo or Esitlo, forget to take their namecard, so can't really recall now.. It's a shop at the corner... was quite amazed that their shop looked very neat and nicely decorated.. entered the shop and found really nice clothes.. AND!!! I saw the exact same V neck dress i bought from far east...bought it at $49.90, and they were selling at $32.90.. ...

                  Overall... hmmm i realised that the misconceptions we all haf abt chinatown is kinda untrue... they are not old ah ma or ah pei 's paradise ... it looks as if another far east is emergin...
                  Just my comment and to share with all.. anyone got good deals or locations??? share share too

                  this is my first posting, don't really know what else to say,but to share something that i've learnt... sry if it seems like an essay


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                    I offen went to the same building u went, beside OG.

                    Usually to get my usual toiletries at cheaper price..and buy china import cd in other building..

                    glad to know chinatown got one more fan hahaha


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                      toiletries? oh... those that alot alot of ppl are trying to squeeze in ? and a long queue at the cashier?? yep.. i saw those too... are they really much cheaper ?


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                        yep really cheaper..but cheaper by how much..depend on the brand u buy..some alot more..some slighter lesser

                        even ard 20 or 25% discount..used to buy from them..coz now i found a cheaper supplier..****

                        it worth if u really buy alot of things back..coz of the journey..make ur trip worth while..

                        even encountered a fren buy 6 mths supply of pads hahaha


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                          Originally posted by huibaby View Post
                          toiletries? oh... those that alot alot of ppl are trying to squeeze in ? and a long queue at the cashier?? yep.. i saw those too... are they really much cheaper ?
                          Some toiletries are much cheaper compared to shops like Watsons, Guardians. Some lotions can be almost $4 difference in price~


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                            people park food centre upstairs right?
                            i always go there for toiletries and drugstore skincare products
                            swanston, ocean...
                            very cheap!
                            if i have time i will go walk around and look at the "boutiques" there... some of them has very nice and trendy clothes... and cheaper than orchard road prices...
                            can bargain with the aunties if u are buying a few pcs...


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                              hee hee hee... I often shop at chinatown too.

                              I bought all my retro buckets and elastic bands from there (so cheap and I can cheap the combi of the belt buckles and elastic belts to suit my dress) ... the service level not very good though

                              there is this shop at Pearl center or something that sells very nice office suits at petite size (I am very petite and lots of suits from G2000 or Zara looks big on me). The shop lady very nice and can even alter the suits to fit you nicely... I did not go there for a long time since I do not need to wear suits all the time in my current job, so not sure if the shop is still there.

                              never buy toiletries from chinatown though ... not sure if they are expired goods since they are so cheap...


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                                oh i've heard from many of my friends about the good bargains they've got from chinatown! but i haven't gone down to check it out yet.. maybe its time i did so.. haha.