Barely used Gelite Stroller, used only twice in fact.

Honestly, i love it. But we don't have a car thanks to the recent hike in COE hence it can be a hassle to bring this up the bus. Unless you have direct access to the MRT, non car owners, this is not for you. Good for frequent taxi wavers though.

However, if you own a car, this is the stroller that complements your car. I'm sure you want your baby to ride in the same style as what you're driving.

It's latte brown and black. Gender neutral so why use it for your 1st child. Good for the 2nd child too or even 3rd one. I don't have a picture for you as mine's still in the plastic bag to prevent dust and to keep it in mint condition for your purchase But here's a link from an online store:

It's selling for $599 but i'm letting it go for you at a special price of $450 (it's a 2-in1 piece). Drop me a message or call directly @ 85337752. Love your child, buy from me.

Cute and cuddly baby not included. Pick up at Hougang area.