Clarins White Plus Intensive Whitening Mask

On application, purifies skin leaving it beautifully matte by immediately tightening pores. Skin texture becomes smooth and even. Soothes skin by encouraging optimal hydration. Gradually revives a radiant complexion and a transparent rosy glow. Complexion becomes visibly brighter and more even.

- Brand New
- 8 x 8ml
- Retail Price : $85
Sales @ just $60

Eau Dynamisante
(Vitality, Freshness, Firmness)

Created by Clarins, Eau Dynamisante is the very first treatment fragrance to combine the fragrant and skin care benefits of plant extracts. It tones, revitalises and leaves the skin lightly scented, soft and moisturised. Its non-photosensitising formula means that it can be used safely in the sun.

- Retail price : $82
Sales @ $60

Eau Ressour?ante
(Serenity, Freshness, Replenish)

A universe of serenity, well-being and relaxation, a new way to both smell good and feel good thanks to the fragrant and treatment action of plants. It refreshes, promotes a wonderful feeling of well-being and leaves the skin delicately scented, soft and moisturised.

- Retail price : $82
Sales @ $60


Garnier Light Oil Control Whitening Cream
(U.P $15.90)


Garnier Light Cleanser

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