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WTS: Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design

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  • WTS: Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design

    We are the official dealer for Peak Design's Capture Camera Clip System and will be retailing the item at S$119 (inclusive of Singpost AM mail postage). Please visit our website Ventincre or email us at [email protected] to place your orders.

    Details of the item are as follows:-

    Click in, click out, relax.

    Unrivaled security, accessibility and freedom for your camera - all in one small, rock-solid, lightweight product. Capture™ is an accessory for photographers that rigidly secures your camera to the gear you already own. By clamping to any belt or strap, the Capture Camera Clip System eliminates the need for additional slings, holsters or vests. Capture's quick release "click-in, click-out" locking action keeps your camera both safe and accessible, no matter what physical activity you are doing. Whether you're hiking, biking, skiing, climbing mountains, or just snapping pictures at a family gathering, the versatility of Capture will revolutionize the way you transport and handle your camera.

    See Capture In Action

    Not convinced yet? Let Capture's inventor Peter Dering break it down for you.

    Securely attaches to any strap or belt.

    Capture™ lets you do more with less. Low-profile clamping screws quickly attach Capture to any belt or strap - including straps on day packs and frame packs -eliminating the need for bulky neck straps, shoulder straps, holsters or vests.

    Fool-Proof Quick-Release Locking Action.

    Never miss a shot again. With a press of the quick release button, your camera is out of the Capture™ chassis and ready to shoot. One click later your camera is back in the chassis and completely secure. So secure that the lock can withstand well over 100lbs. of force. Seriously - watch it and weep (out of joy).

    Tripod compatibility.

    Your tripod can come, too. The Capture™ camera connection plate is compatible with all Arca-Swiss-style tripod heads, so your camera can go straight from your belt to the tripod, no disassembly necessary. We know that tripod compatibility is an important factor for photography pros.

    Lightweight, ultra-durable construction.

    Weatherproof and built to last a lifetime. The structural components of Capture™ are composed of die-cast aluminium. The quick release button is made from high-strength, low-friction Delrin thermoplastic, and the clamping bolts are cold-forged zinc alloy. All this in a unit that is smaller and lighter than a cellphone.

    Extra security for extra bumpy rides.

    Give yourself total peace of mind. Capture™ is equipped with a redundant twist lock that, when engaged, eliminates the chance of accidentally releasing your camera. So go ahead - ski the back bowl or take your motorcycle through the twisties - your camera will definitely be coming with.

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    There are four loops positioned around the plate for attaching a hand strap. Capture Camera Clip System can be used with hand strap on. See below pictures for illustration:-


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