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  • Singapore Car Rental - Need to rent a car in Singapore on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis?

    Looking for budget car rental in Singapore?
    Searching for car rentals in Singapore?
    Need to rent a car to drive your friends around?
    Looking for wedding car rental for your special day?
    Singapore Car Rental offers the widest range of cheap car rental in Singapore.
    Looking for a car to rent on a daily, over the weekend, Holding a p plate, just passed your license and need to rent a car?
    Feel like trying a car you always wanted before buying?

    Car Rental Singapore provide quality car at budget price. P plate holder, in Singapore are welcome.

    Visit this url for more information: Rent Car Singapore
    Call me for booking!
    Richie: (65) 9873 4006
    Marcus: (65) 9452 9633
    Jason: (65) 9853 9726
    Owen: (65) 9456 8554