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WTS: $175 ( negotiable ) for a new, unopened & genuine V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone

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  • WTS: $175 ( negotiable ) for a new, unopened & genuine V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone


    selling the new headphone shown above.
    colour of headphone = Pearl White

    the box for the headphone has never been opened before...
    - proof = a red ribbon found on the packaging has not been cut. ( this is because the ribbon has to be cut to open the box )
    - if u need to understand it, u can watch the 1st video ( title is "box of the Pearl White V-Moda Cross Fade LP being opened up" ) found at the section below known as "Videos of the V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone"

    i hope to sell it at $175.
    price is negotiable.

    contact me by the following ways :
    - sms me...handphone = 84305034
    - private message me
    - email = [email protected]


    - it's a 1- to-1 exchange warranty & is valid for 1 time exchange only.
    - the exchange is for headphone which is not in working condition. ( ie due to Defect in the Material and the Workmanship )
    - warranty is until 31 Dec 2011

    - warranty is by "DistExpress (S) Pte Ltd"

    - "DistExpress (S) Pte Ltd" is a verified "Worldwide Distributors" for V-Moda products
    - for proof, see bottom of this web page =

    - the box for the headphone has a "Genuine Seal" sticker from "DistExpress (S) Pte Ltd" to prove that it's a real product. ( this is because there may have been imitation of the headphone )

    - web address of "DistExpress (S) Pte Ltd" =

    Key Features

    - can be used for smartphones, audio players & audio systems

    - 3-Button remote control & microphone cable is designed for Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macbook series.

    - delivers multi-driver sound using only 1 driver through its 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers ( biggest of its class )

    - unprecedented durability with its tank-like steel frame, flexible memory headband, and detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables

    - microphone is fully Skype compatible on smart phones, tablets and the latest generation Apple products without the need for an adapter. it can be used for iChat, Skype, VoIP, and other audio recording applications.

    - no batteries needed


    Videos & Web Page featuring the headphone ( your web browsing experience will NOT be interrupted because a new "window" will appear when u click on the links )

    Videos of the V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone
    - box of the Pearl White V-Moda Cross Fade LP being opened up
    - Director of Marketing at V-Moda talks about the features V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone
    - founder of V-Moda shows the inside of the carrying case for the headphone
    - founder of V-Moda talks about the headphone

    Product Features & Reviews of the V-Moda CrossFade LP Headphone
    - Apple store online Singapore
    - Apple store online United States
    - web site of "V-Moda"

    Reviews Of The Headphone

    "Ultimate versatile and multipurpose headphone, Crossfade LP is made for people on the move at the gym or on the stage."
    - E!

    "Sound quality of the V-MODA Crossfade LPs is phenomenal."
    -DJ Mag

    "Not only does the Crossfade sound the best, but they look the best!!!"
    - Paul Harris, Grammy Award winning Producer/DJ and part of Dirty Vegas

    "Crossfades are an essential part of my life, not just on the road but in the studio. I could never defect to another model or brand..."
    -Funkagenda ( DJ, Sound Engineer, Producer )

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