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Whiz Freedom - A Gift For The One You Care, Every woman should have one

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  • Whiz Freedom - A Gift For The One You Care, Every woman should have one

    When you don't want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet, or when one is not available during travels or outdoor, or when you simply need to go, use the Whiz Freedom.

    Allowing women to wee whenever or wherever , standing or sitting position, the Whiz Freedom is a world's first in that it is hydrophobic and repels most liquid - it is reusable and anti-bacterial. And it is small, easy to carry , foldable and discreet - yes, you do not need to undress to use it.

    Every woman should have one. The Whiz Freedom is for every woman of every age living every lifestyles because at some point every woman goes on travel or holiday; is faced with unhygenic toilets; get caught in a traffic jam; travels by train or plane or coach; goes out shopping or cinema; goes walking , biking or camping; or just simply desperate to pee

    Remember, dirty toilets outside the home can be potentially contaminated and in these days of containing germs, the Whiz Freedom can help women & girls to advance good personal hygiene and avoid contact with dirty toilet bowls.

    Whiz Freedom is available from

    The Planet Traveller stores at ION Orchard, Orchard Paragon & Marina Square.

    OUTDOOR LIFE shop at NOVENA SQUARE Level 2 and also at selected Guardian outlets in Singapore.

    For more information, please visit Astonix Life Science: Innovation for enhancing Quality of Life.

    Key Features & Benefits of Whiz

    • World's first Antibacterial & Hydrophobic hygienic urine director

    • Allows women the Freedom to wee whenever or wherever - standing, sitting or lying down

    • Comfortable, “lily-shaped” specially designed to fit the curves of the female form – Shape clinically tested by over 1400 women

    • Now used by thousands of women worldwide

    • Quick & Easy to use & safe, just position it externally, and let gravity do the rest when nature calls, indoors or outdoors

    • Ideal for outdoors or indoors use for women where access to a clean toilet remains a challenge notably public toilets , travels(air and car), woman of every age living every lifestyle, holidaying, long car journeys , cycling, senior women, sportswomen, adventurers, campers , concert goers, and even for the physically inactive as well as active

    • No need to undress fully.

    • Reusable & Washable, can be discreetly rolled, folded and stored

    • Being hydrophobic, it repels all liquid and being coated with an antibacterial agent, it is hygienic and leaves no smell or residue

    • Flicking rids most liquid; any remaining droplets can easily be wiped dry with a tissue. Once home, the whiz can be rinsed in water

    • FDA approved and made in UK

    Testimonials from Singapore:

    "After using the Whiz Freedom for at least more than a month, I find that it is useful especially when I go to places which toilets are dirty."

    "Seriously, I am glad that I bring the whiz freedom and it does really help me in relieving myself if not another toilet will be quite a distance."

    - from the Restroom Association Singapore (RAS)

    "the Whiz is a work of genius! Although it felt a little odd at first, it worked like a dream. Really life-changing. I don't think I'll leave home without it now!"

    "I still love my Whiz Freedom and now they are available in Singapore, I will tell all of my friends"

    - DG, Singapore user after 3 month of using Whiz Freedom