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  • Bodyshop + Other items for sale

    Bodyshop Aloe Skincare range:
    Soothing day cream [50ml] - new
    Soothing day cream [15ml] - used
    Protective restoring mask [100ml] - new
    Protective serum [30ml] - new
    Calming facial cleanser [60ml] - used

    Bodyshop Seaweed Skincare range:
    Mattifying day cream [50ml] - new
    Mattifying day cream [15ml] - new

    Bodyshop Vitamin C Skincare range:

    Facial radiance powder mix [10ml] - new x 2
    Facial radiance capsules [28capsules]

    Bodyshop Lip treatment range:
    5 tubes, 14ml each, different shades of pink etc.
    Picture included.

    Avene Skincare range:
    Cleanance Exfoliating and absorbing cleansing mask [40ml] - used
    Cleanance Cream gel {hydrating and exfoliating} [40ml] - new
    Diacneal Treatment for acne prone skin [30ml] - used
    Cleanance Lotion Toner [200ml] - used

    Prices negotiable.
    For used items, prices would be less than 40% of retail prices.
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