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  • Providing Service for web development and design

    -To Mods/Admins, If this is unsuitable, do remove it and advise-

    If you regularly commute by taxi in Singapore, you will have undoubtedly been frustrated by drivers who ask you for directions at every turn. "Shall I turn left here, or go straight? Shall I exit here?"

    We have been through this as well, and often we are simply tempted to reply: "Uncle, are you using your brains at all? Or are you simply working with your hands?"

    Sadly, the problem is the same with IT and web development vendors in Singapore. Hire any old freelancer to do your website for you, and chances are that you will hear the following:

    "Do you want the logo on the top left or top right corner?"

    "Do you want a drop down navigation bar or a static one?"

    "Do you want to use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?"

    And worst of all:

    "I can't complete the project on time because I have exams this week!"

    SCOPE TECH promises a fresh new approach to web development services. We offer turnkey solutions to our customers. Our service is solution-oriented; we will understand the needs of your business before recommending a solution. We are IT experts and proud of it; our role is to help you harness technology to bring your business to the next level however big or small it is!

    Having served dozens of satisfied customers in the last 3 months, we are confident that once you experience our service, you will never want to work with any other web development vendors again!

    Take advantage of our low prices and excellent service today!

    Promotional Packages:

    1) HTML website (5 pages)

    - Complete with logo design, web design and webforms / PayPal integration

    - Suitable for corporate websites or for shop fronts (with majority of business taking place offline)

    - $549, delivery within 3 days

    - Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

    2) Blogshop

    - Complete with logo design, web design, ZenCart (or similar shopping cart software) and PayPal integration

    - Provides for an excellent user experience

    - Get your blogshop started without any fuss

    - $599, delivery within 3 days

    - Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

    3) Flash Website (5 pages)

    - Ideal for businesses requiring a more sophisticated look and feel, especially lifestyle/entertainment/F&B businesses

    - Includes logo design, music integration (if required), web forms, PayPal integration (if required)

    - $699, delivery within 4 days

    - Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

    4) WordPress Site

    - Includes logo design, Facebook integration and web traffic counter

    - Ideal for content publishers / bloggers who intend to update their websites regularly, and want their sites to have a more professional look and feel as compared to a regular blog (see, or

    - $499, delivery within 3 days

    - Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

    5) Facebook Fan Page

    - Facebook fan page development, optimisation and set up

    - Ideal for those who wish to build communities around a product, service or cause

    - Guaranteed 300 likes upon delivery ($299, five days) or guaranteed 600 likes upon delivery ($359, seven days)

    - Money back guarantee if above requirements are not met

    To enquire more about our services, please contact Alicia at [email protected]

    Be sure to leave your contact number so we can get back to you more quickly. You will hear from us within 24 hours!

    *SCOPE TECH employs Singaporeans and all work is done in Singapore. You will always be in touch with a real person and not a machine. Your project will not be outsourced to India. We understand the Singapore business landscape and the needs of Singapore website owners.

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    Hey, I've suddenly came across at this post. It's quite useful. thanks.
    I just wanted like to ask... Where can I find good and free Joomla templates? I've already found this site , but can you advice others? I would really appreciate your help.